Why You Can’t Lose Weight: Here are 5 Reasons

Apparently losing weight is a simple concept. You eat less calories than you burn and you end up losing weight because of this calorie deficit. It all boils down to exercise+healthy diet= weight loss, right?

Well the devil is in the detail and most people get lost in the details of executing this formula for weight loss. Of course, you are not guaranteed a delicious meal even if you have all the best ingredients and a recipe unless you cook properly. So here are five main reasons that have been holding you back from achieving your ideal weight that you have always aimed for.


Weight loss plans are a long journey but most of the people want a quick fix and therefore a lot many fake diet fads and magic exercise programs have popped up.

Many people can’t wait to see the results and start losing interest when they do not see immediate results. And nobody has got fit by remaining impatient.

The perpetual winning formula for a healthy weight loss still remains to be hard work and perseverance. After all it is unrealistic to expect all the flab go away in a week though it took you years to accumulate that belly fat. As long as you are following a healthy diet plan and have faith in it, you are sure to get results.


It goes for both diet and exercise. It is too lame to cheat on your exercise and diet and still expect perfect results. You should follow the advice of the trainer and the nutritionist to the letter. Do not come up with excuses like “that’s too little” or “that’s too heavy”.

If you keep with you a hidden chocolate or indulge in a delicious cake or ice cream on your way home from the gym, its nobody but yourself that you are cheating.


Losing weight is not just about running and lifting weights. Your whole lifestyle needs to be overhauled. It is about what you buy at the grocery store. It is also about limiting your sedentary habits like watching T.V and online time.

Previous generation was better in physical health than us because they were not glued to their screens for all the waking hours they had.

Target weight

You need to set an achievable weight loss goal to get a realistic chance of achieving it. Don’t set a target of losing 5kg in a week because that will end up in heartbreak only.

Set a long term goal. For example 10 pounds in 2 months. Though it can still be not easy for a few people but a lot depends on the dedication, genetics, eating habits and workout programs.

No support system

Trying to lose weight is similar to recovering from an addiction in a lot of ways. Therefore, your support system needs to be strong because you will need it for sure.

Look to your family and friends to provide you the emotional support because there will be times when you will be all set to quit but this emotional support can keep you going.