Why Green Smoothies are Excellent for Weight Loss

Lets make things straight first. No food or drink per se is a sure guarantee of you losing weight and getting beach ready body. If you continue to have more calories intake than you burn on a daily basis, you will just keep adding belly fat and all your efforts at weight loss will prove useless in the end.

You have to find a way to consistently burn calories by engaging in physical activity and also at the same time subscribing to a health diet for the long term weigh loss. Eating a healthy diet means eating healthy foods and drinking healthy fluids and green smoothies are surely among the healthy beverages.

Green smoothies are blended beverages with components from veggies, leafy greens, fruits and healthy fats. Don’t get surprised by mention of healthy fats. There are healthy fats existing on planet like flax, seeds, hemp, coconut and almonds.

Why are green smoothies useful for weight loss

Lower calorie count

Mostly the ingredients that go in to preparation of healthy green smoothies for losing weight are of low calorie count. And this makes them ideal drinks for losing weight. While it may be very tempting to snack on high calorie foods like cookies and chips but a wise strategy to lose weight is to snack on green smoothies

Keep you from feeling thirsty

Most people are not getting enough water into their bodies. They are rather used to taste of sweetened beverages which are very high in calories. So they buy these carbonated drinks to quench their thirst despite these being loaded with lots of calories which only lead to weight gain.

You can always add pure water to your green smoothies which will help you drink more water and at the same time reduce your cravings for high calorie drinks because of the flavor that green smoothies carry compared with bland water.

You feel less hungry

The fruits and veggies that are used to make your green smoothies are not only low in calorie count but at the same time are also high in fiber. As you keep including green smoothies in your daily diet, you will see yourself that you will gradually lose weight. Studies have shown that a high fiber diet is very important in maintaining a healthy weight.

Because of the fiber and water content, green smoothies are one of the best examples of filling drinks. You will not feel hungry for a long time and it means you will eat less because of reduced food cravings.

How to make green smoothies

The ingredients in green smoothies may vary and are to a large extent up to your personal preference. Some people like raw green veggies whereas there are others who use frozen fruits as ingredients to create green smoothies that have a thicker texture and are more like an ice cream. But if you ask for the healthy green smoothies for weight loss then the ingredients should be very simple like fruits, veggies and green alone.