Why Carbs Are Not the Real Enemy?

Until a few years, there was agreement that carbs were the real enemy of the dieters. The reason was simple: fats contained more calories than carbs and protein. Plus they were also linked with other health problems including heart disease.

This all fat hatred was the foundation of diet plans like Weight Watchers.

But fats have since gone an image change. One because different studies have found that link between heart disease and fats in diet are not well established.

Other studies came out which proposed that fats were better than carbs because they took longer to be absorbed in human body, making us fuller for longer.

And all this led to switching attention to carbs because it was time to praise fats. Carbs are known to cause blood sugar spikes and lead to insulin resistance in the body. Sugar is a known cause of inflammation. And there are certain carbs which are low quality nutrients and make you always feel hungry.. and this list is long..

So is it time to declare carbs as the real enemy and make the move to Atkins diet completely?

No carb issues

The answer is a resounding no. Though it is true that a lot of calories our bodies need come from glucose, which in turn come from carbs.

But the second truth is that we need these calories from carbs to function and can not rely solely on fats for energy. This will mean you are switching to photogenic diet and in that case brace for always being low in energy.

Similarly it is also not possible to avoid all fruits and vegetables, since most of these fall in the carbs category, is also not feasible. This is a sure path to nutrients deficient diet with low fiber intake.

Low carb diet is the solution

Most successful diet plans advocate against completely removing carbs from your diet. They do not treat carbs as sworn enemies. At best they want you to cut back on them and shift to complex carbs.

This option is not only better because you will not be having hunger attacks but also there will be less chance of lipogenesis.

Rather than being sworn carb enemies, it is better if you ensure you get the sufficient quantity. Avoid carbs completely is quite soul crushing and extremely difficult. And sure way of being sapped of energy all the time.

So it will be great if you stop buying chips packets at grocery stores but do not feel a carb guilt when you eat a baked potato.

In fact, the reality of weight loss is more complex than a simple statement that carbs make us fat. Just hang on with your common sense and keep eating a balanced and healthy diet.