What to eat to lose weight fast?

what to eat to lose weight fast

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Do you want to lose weight fast and not give up on eating? Have been thinking that it?s impossible to not to starve yourself and still manage to lose weight fast? Well, you ought to know about what to eat to lose weight fast.

Foods that make you lose weight fast are either high in protein content, laden with fiber or enriched with high water content. One property or the other makes them make their place in the list of foods with high satiety index. Hence, they make you feel satisfied in lesser amount and you ultimately gulp in lesser calories.

Some whole grains
Whole grains have always been considered to be banned during a weight loss program, but recent studies show that some non-gluten whole grains are really good to lose weight fast as they have high amounts of fiber. Notable examples include, brown rice, oats and quinoa.

Broccoli and/or Cabbage
Broccoli is a splendid source of fiber and calcium. The green vegetable being rich in fiber, allows healthy digestion and absorption of food in the stomach and intestines. Moreover, it?s fulfilling to the tummy. It can be easily made part of many salads and salsa.

Another vegetable, making its way into the answer of ?what to eat to lose weight fast?? is cabbage. It is the power house of anti-oxidants like Vitamin C and is an amazing immune-booster. Cabbage soups are the best promised diet for losing weight, done by celebrities.

Cottage cheese
This is a miraculous dairy product, not contaminated by high amount of fats and carbohydrates. It helps you in weight loss because it is very high in protein, satisfies your stomach with fewer calories comparatively and is also high in calcium content. New searches have shown that calcium also aids weight loss, especially in women.

A powerhouse for heart health, grapefruits are laden with Vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and also pectin. It deserves to be mentioned in the list of ?what to eat to lose weight fast?? because direct studies have been done on it regarding weight loss.

Half a grapefruit makes you feel full and satiated. Hence, it?s also a vital part of the famous cardiac diet. It has been observed that grapefruit reduces insulin resistance which kick starts a cascade of events to several other chronic diseases.

Lentils and Legumes
Lentils fit perfectly into every sort of diet plan because they massive amounts of fiber and very low in fats. Moreover, they are laden with proteins. Boiling lentils will keep their fat content minimal, so it is advised that for weight loss plans the lentils are eaten in boiled form.

Beans or also known as legumes, are known to slim your waist. They can be added in numerous dishes when they are in boiled form. They aid weight loss magically. Legumes include garbanzo beans, red kidney beans, green beans and white beans.

Not all fish are good for weight loss but namely tuna and Salmon are said to boost your weight loss notably. While buying canned fish, you need to make sure that it is canned in water and not in oil because this will increase the calorie intake sharply.

Tuna is rich in proteins. And it is said, that 3 ounces of tune is equivalent to the size of a checkbook whereas 3 ounces of lightly canned tuna in water has only 73 calories.

Salmon again being one of the examples of lean protein help is weight loss because of its low carbohydrate and fat content. A 3 ounce serving of wild-Alaskan salmon has 155 calories, 22 grams of proteins and only 7 grams of fats. On comparative basis, it has half the calories of a cheeseburger and 7 grams of more protein than it.

Now, we know that any food included in the list of ?what to eat to lose weight fast?? has no magical nutrient that helps you shed pounds but just some good proportions allowing us to take in lesser calories. After all, losing weight is simply based on calorie intake versus calorie utilization principle.