5 weight loss programs for women

weight loss programs for womenAre you tired of the big waistline? Do you want to enjoy wearing your older clothes which don?t fit you anymore? Then it?s time that you get your body enrolled in a proper weight loss program. To help you we have listed below 5 weight loss programs for women.

Weight Watchers
This program has been going viral, and Jennifer Hudson also lost 80 pounds after being a part of this program. It enables you to lose 1-3 pounds in a single week. However, you have meeting?s cost, and also have to pay a fee to join this program. The joining fee is around $25-$35 depending on your location, $13 each week.

Weight watchers is based on a point system. No food is forbidden for anyone, it?s just that healthier foods have lesser points and high-fat and high-carbohydrate fats have a lot of points set on them. You cannot go beyond a certain number of points per week. As all of the foods are allowed, one is not inclined to cheat on this weight loss program.

The good news is that a lot of great companies have been signing partnerships with this weight loss program and putting on points on their packs. This will make a women shop and choose easily according to the point system. You can also save up points for something grand at the weekend.

The only draw back of this weight loss program for women is that you have to keep on calculating. You have to add points and keep a small diary with you all along the day so that you can write in every point you have used up. It does get little confusing for many of the women out there.

Another weight loss program making its place to the list of 5 weight loss programs for women is this one because it enables one to lose up to 3-5 pounds each week. This is a great pace. The cost of this program is around $10 each day with solely meals and no produce being ordered. On ordering produce, the price increases obviously.

Nutrisystem personifies convenience. It can be done by the busiest of women out there. Every single meal of the day including breakfast, lunch, dinner, entrees and snacks are posted to you via a shipment. These are all microwaveable!

It is the easiest to stick with because everything comes at your doorstep. The draw backs of this program are that it is found to be pretty expensive for a lot of people. Secondly, under NutriSystem you cannot dine out as it is impossible to follow the same meal plan. So it prohibits restaurants completely.

Jenny Craig
No matter what, it guarantees 1-2 pounds to be shed off the body per week. This program is priced up, as you?d have to pay $359 for the yearly membership in this program and for the food it?d be $12-$18 for only one day.

It?s somewhat similar to NutriSystem. You get delicious frozen prepackaged meals for each day. The meals can be mixed with some fresh fruits. You are also scheduled to meet a counselor just like things happen in the Weight Watchers programme too.

Jenny Craig?s negative point is only its price. It gives amazingly healthy and yummy foods but many women find it too many of the dollars to be paid for only 1-2 pounds to be lose each week. However, the weight loss is promised to be sustainable.

righteously making its place to our list of 5 weight loss programs for women because it promised an average weight loss of 4-7 pounds each week. It costs around $275 for a month.

Medifast offers 5-7 small sized and well-proportioned microwaveable meals for each day. This many small yet nutritional meals make you feel satiated and happy. However, it requires efforts and time to microwave your meals 5-7 times each day when you are at work.

Slim Fast
The last one on our list of 5 weight loss programs for women is this one because it guarantees 3-5 pounds to be got ridden off each week costing up to only $2.50

It?s about replacing your meals with a slim fast shake which is richly laden with fiber. Fiber makes you feel full quicker. It?s the easiest to be followed. However, you get bored of drinking shakes only after some time.