Using Resistance Training To Get Rid of Cellulite

resistance-training-celluliteWomen do not like cellulite on their bodies and they spend north of 12 million dollars every year to buy products to get rid of cellulite. Products like creams, miracle cures and a lot of other similar newer products by weird names keep flooding the market. All of these products are fighting for a chunk of the money these women spend on anti-cellulite products.

However the the truth is that not a single one of these products is effective to give permanent results against cellulite. These products use careful marketing tactics, paid testimonials and other similarly aggressive marketing tactics to take benefit from the women’s emotions to market their products. All of these products are not only a waste of money but also a waste of your time too.

The real truth about cellulite is that it is jut healthy body fat. And that is all about it. It is not anything related to toxins, damaged fatty tissues, poor blood circulation or other similarly concocted nonsense that the sellers of these anti-cellulite products want you to believe.

Since, cellulite is normal human fat, you can get rid of cellulite just like you do for other normal fat. These massages and special creams are not going to help you vanish cellulite. A healthy diet, regular exercise and carefully watching your body’s fat percentage will do more wonders when it comes to cellulite removal than any of these creams or massages will ever do.

However, when you try to convince a woman that resistance training gives better results than these anti-cellulite creams, she will consider you have gone nuts. Yet, this is the real truth. Human body fat can only be burnt with exercise. It is not medically possible to melt away the body fat with just massage. If only it was this easy!

Definitely, to lose weight quickly, you have to keep a close eye on your diet and do regular cardio exercise. But the focus of this article is how you can make use of resistance training to get rid of cellulite. Most women will tell you that resistance training is a men’s thing and they would not want to develop muscles. Again this is a false perception. Women can get a lot of benefit from resistance training.

Resistance training will not make you big and bulky. Muscle gain is not that easy. Even men struggle a lot when comes to gaining muscles. Resistance training will make your body lean and toned. You will get firm and toned thighs and good looking perky butt. Toned muscles will make your ?legs and thighs apepar taut. And this will even make the cellulite appearance less visible.

Some of the common examples of resistance training for cellulite are lunges, squats, leg presses, dead-lifts and snatches etc. More focus should be on the lower body area to get more lean muscle mass there. Most of the women have a tendency to store more body fat in the lower body area and cellulite also happens to appear mostly on butt and thighs.

When you do resistance training, the body’s fat composition will also change. The fat will decrease and the proportion of lean muscle will increase. The appearance of your body will change considerably even when the numbers on the weighing scale remain the same. This is because of the reason that muscle mass is denser than fat.

And when you have more muscle mass, they will burn more calories on a daily basis. This decreases the chances of your body storing more fat. And since cellulite is also stored as fat, you will see that when you have decreased it and developed lean muscle along the way, it will not return any time soon. Of course it will if you start to be lazy on your diet and training.

Therefore, resistance training for cellulite is quite effective to get rid of it. It should become a part of your daily routine and you will start seeing the difference yourself.

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