Tips for Eating Healthy Desserts Even While Dieting

healthy desserts

CC BY by Ruth and Dave

Apparently it is not a good idea to eat dessert when you are on a diet. However, it is a fact that you will definitely feel like eating some treats every now and then. And there are more chances that you will blow your diet, if you don’t eat desserts.

You are not required to say No every time when someone offers a decadent chocolate cake, a piece of cheesecake or a delicious pie because you might well be eating healthy desserts. It is important that you do not completely cut off from the foods that you enjoy.

If you have made it a habit to skip dessert always, you might soon feel quite resentful and deprived about the lifestyle you have followed. Therefore, do not stay away from your dessert anymore. Go ahead and eat it. But given below are some tips to ensure that you are eating healthy desserts and do not overdo it.

Eating Healthy Desserts

  • It is a good idea to split your dessert serving with someone else at the restaurant. Most servings of desserts at restaurants are good enough for four or more people.
  • Try to eat only half of the piece of pie or cake you will get.
  • Skip from the a al option for eating cakes or pies.
  • When you need to make a choice between the dessert you like and healthy desserts, pick the smaller portion of the dessert of your liking. If you choose healthy desserts, then you might end up with a feeling of unsatiscation and eventually will eat the second one too.
  • Try to add some fruit to your dessert. By doing this you will indirectly eat less because you will need less due to fruity fiber.
  • Leave the leftover desserts at the restaurant. Do not take it with you at home because you will be later tempted to eat the remaining at home.
  • Enjoy your dessert by eating slowly. Decadent desserts should giving you a feeling of eating decadent. Give yourself enough time to enjoy the food you eat.
  • Set yourself free from the guilty feeling of eating desserts.

No healthy diet can be 100 percent desserts and neither can be a healthy diet 100 percent free of desserts. In order to succeed on your diet plan, you need to continue enjoy the foods you like. If you do not, you will later find yourself that desserts temptation is ruining your diet plan.