The Bar Brothers System Review – Is it any Effective or Just Hype?

There are some guys who don’t want the big, bulky bodybuilder frame. All they want is to get stronger and build more muscles – while looking attractive. But the problem is, gym equipments?are not?only expensive, they are also frustrating and difficult to use. So is there a more viable alternative to lifting weights and complicated gym workouts?

Yes there is. It’s called calisthenics. The good news is you won’t need any complicated gym equipment when doing it and you don’t need to be a bodybuilding enthusiast, either. Here are some of the most basic calisthenics exercises you can do at home and still get a body that attracts all females. ?And when it comes to calisthenics, one program stands out – The Bar Brothers by Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic. But is it worth the hype and the money? Let’s find out. The method of calisthenics also has scientific backing too.

What is Bar Brothers System?

The Bar Brothers is a 12-week calisthenics program that teaches you how to grow stronger, build a better body and have more lean muscle mass – all without using expensive or inaccessible gym equipment or memberships. This is the appeal that drew a huge number of people in – just the idea of working out almost anywhere while getting more fit and strong, and without looking stocky and bulky like your typical bodybuilder.

You will gain access to a Private Dashboard that has all the instructional guides and videos you need. If you are confused, don’t worry – you can just watch the first video where you will learn how to begin step by step.

Since it is a weekly program, you will need to watch videos that teach you the exercise for the day. The good news is there are over 140 videos to choose from, and these videos are in HD so they are clear and high quality. The bad news is if you have a bad internet connection you might not be able to watch them without disruptions. There are also tips on warming up before your main workouts and ways to avoid injuries and mistakes when performing calisthenics.

If you are clueless about the nutrition side of things, don’t fret. The creators of the program have also laid out a nutrition plan for you to follow, including shakes and recipes that help burn the excess fat inside your body.

Every week you will be asked to test your progress to measure how far you’ve come. And if that wasn’t enough, you can compare your progress with the other customers of the Bar Brothers system by being a part of their official community.

The Bar Brothers system is only available in digital version. No physical version (hard paperbacks and DVD’s) is available. At $47, it seems reasonable and affordable enough for those who are serious to learn calisthenics as an alternative to gym workouts. But if you don’t like it, you can always ask for a refund within 60 days. Clickbank has a solid reputation of handling customers’ refund requests so you can try Bar Brothers now, risk-free.

Advantages of The Bar Brothers System


1. The program is designed for anyone interested in calisthenics. Even if you are a newbie you can follow along from the first week as you build up your strength from the ground up. The good news is its creators make it easy for anyone to follow along because the instructions are easy to understand, and they include ways to avoid injuries and workout mistakes.

2. Over 140 videos to choose from – The creators of this product have used calisthenics to successfully reshape their bodies. You will definitely learn a lot from them because they know what they’re talking about. And with over a hundred videos to choose from, you will certainly not run out of workouts to enjoy. The videos are clear and in HD, and they are not that an hour long to watch so even if you are busy, you can always have time to work out even during the busiest of days.

3. Everything is covered – This is one of the systems where you are covered, including diet and nutrition. This way everyone, including newbies, will get to learn what to eat and what not to eat, which nutrients are crucial and so on. In addition, they will also get to learn how to make cool shakes at home. The good thing is these ingredients are easy to find in groceries, plus they don’t take too long to prepare.

4. Money back guarantee ? Most fitness products I?ve seen online offer a money back guarantee to assure their customers they are making a risk-free choice. However based on my experience not every one of them honors that promise. Fortunately Clickbank handles all credit card transactions for the Bar Brothers so in case you don?t like their product, you have 60 days from the day of purchase to ask for your money back. I?ve asked for refunds from Clickbank multiple times and they always honor their refund policy. They?ve been operating for years now so I can say for sure they?re one of the most reputable online companies around.

Disadvantages of The Bar?Brothers System

1. Videos might be bad for low internet connection – Since these videos are in HD quality, it can be a hassle to those with poor internet connection when watching them. I advise you to watch them with a better connection instead.

2. Might be expensive for some – At $47, some people might not afford it. However, this is one of those cases where you get what you pay for and with the comprehensive amount of information you will receive, you will find that the price is justified. This is one of those calisthenics products that stand by what it promises. And with the money back guarantee, you cannot go wrong.

Final Verdict – Should You Go With The Bar Brothers System

The Bar Brothers is one of the best, most unique programs in the market which teaches men and women to get fit and stronger without the need for expensive tools and gym memberships. I highly recommend that you buy this one now, because it definitely delivers what it promises. With its 60-day money back guarantee, you can be sure that your purchase will be risk-free.