Sugar Sweetened Drinks Have Serious Side Effects

Dentists are not the only ones who warn you against your sweet tooth risks. In fact, serious diseases like heart disease, diabetes, fatty liver disease, obesity and even premature death have also been linked with consuming sugary drinks.

A very recent study published in Journal of American Heart Association in April, 2019 has found that death rate from cardiovascular diseases was 31 percent higher in people who had two or more sugar sweetened beverages every day.

And if you thought that you can continue to serve your sweet tooth by shifting to natural sweet juices, then unfortunately science does not see this as favorably either. In a subsequent study published in May, 2019, it was noted that drinking 12-oz serving per day of fruit juice increase mortality risk by 24 percent.

A University of California’s nutritional biology researcher Kimber L. Stanhope has found a link between consuming added sugar and diseases like nonalcoholic fatty liver, kidney stones, type 2 diabetes, gout and heart disease.

So should you totally abandoned sugar intake? Dr. Stanhope advises that we should drastically our calories coming from sugars. Currently about 15 percent of our daily calories come from sugar.

This might be surprising but there is added sugar in almost everything we see in the shelves. Sugar is added to every food from bread to juices. We need to reduce our daily calories intake from sugar to 5 percent, which is the recommended percentage by American heart Association.

For that we have to read the food labels clearly. There are always low sugar or no added sugar options available. And we need to drastically cut back on our liquid sweet calories in the form of sodas, juices, sweetened beverages and coffees etc. Liquid calories are on the lowest level of nutritional value. The less the better for health and weight loss.