Important Relation Between Sleep and Weight Loss

sleep and weight loss

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Do you know that a fulfilling good night sleep is an excellent way to help you lose weight? Most of the people focus all their attention and efforts on exercise and diet for losing weight but they neglect a key element of overall health and well being i.e. sufficient quality sleep.

People who are facing sleep deficits are generally more prone to gaining weight than those who are taking enough sleep. A lot of research has proved this to be a true principle. It is believed that a hormone named cortisol has a role in this and how it influences our body.

And even more bad news about relation between sleep and weight loss is that the lack of sleep tends to accumulate fats around the belly area. And this area is the most dangerous to add pounds to because of the severe stress it puts on your heart function.

If you are used to working late into nights, it can be quite difficult to set a good nighttime sleep routine. But by getting good night sleep you can not only lose weight but also add additional years to your life.

Improving Sleep and Weight Loss Relation

Here are given some tips to help you improve your nighttime sleep routine so that you can get the sleep you deserve and need very much:

  • Select a bedtime, after evaluating your routine, which can give you at the minimum 7 hours of sleep every night.
  • Make it a habit to go to bed even when you are not feeling tired. Eventually you will develop a habit of feeling sleepy and tired at the bedtime, but it surely will take a few weeks getting used to.
  • Set a bedtime routine. Wind down your chores an hour or two before bed. Switch off TV, dim down the lights in the room, take a warm bath if possible and get in relaxing mode.
  • Keep your bedroom peaceful and clean by keeping clutter out of it. This will take all the to-do things off your mind.
  • Try to not install a TV in the bedroom because you will keep yourself away from sleep by having TV in the room.
  • Do not eat anything before bedtime because eating makes it difficult to sleep.
  • Another important thing about sleep and weight loss is that you should stop taking caffeine at least 3 hours before going to bed.
  • Make use of white noise to keep your sleep sound because by doing this you will not wake up with every little noise at night time.
  • If pets disrupt your sleep, it is best advised to keep them out of your bedroom.

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