Reduced Calorie Intake is The Real Secret of Weight Loss

reduce calories

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Whether you will gain weight or lose weight is determined by the amount of calories you use eat on a daily basis. Whichever weight loss program you choose, this reduce calorie consumption is the real secret of weight loss.

Different studies have shown that people who were eating actually more than the others were slimmer than the people who were eating less.

The obese people were under the false impression that the reason for their being overweight is their slow metabolism in their bodies which they can not do anything about.

But when the record of their daily food consumption was reviewed, it came out that the real reason was that they were eating more calories. Their weight did not have anything to do with their metabolism. It was the choice of foods and the quantities that were the real reason for their obesity.

You can promise yourself a significant weight loss over a period of one year if you can just commit and implement a daily reduction of 100 calories in your food.

This is not a tough goal and almost anybody can manage this much reduction in calories. However, most weight loss programs force a lot more than this calorie reduction which becomes difficult to sustain in the long run. The result is that everyone is asking why can’t I seem to lose weight?

You just focus on reducing 100 calories a day and take additional supplements like minerals and vitamins to keep your overall health unaffected. You will see that by eating this balanced nutrition, you will not feel starvation during this whole weight loss process.

Many people are likely to stay more determined and motivated for weight loss if they already know that the hurdle is not so great and that they will be eating suitable supplements to help them. This will encourage them to start a weight loss program and maintain it in the long term, which is the best way to lose weight realistically.