Benefits of Serving on Portion Control Plates

smaller dinner plate

CC BY-NC-ND by ulterior epicure

Everyone wants to eat less when trying to lose weight and in such a situation using portion control plates can help you. Most people heap up food on a large plate as an everyday part of life. The more food on the plate, the better.

While it is really difficult to change the routine, but you can simply trick your brain by using smaller plates by filling these up like before. You will still be eating a plate full of food, but in actual, you will be eating less food.

Most of the dinner plates have both dinner plates and salad plates included. If you are not inclined to invest on portion control plates, then you can start using salad plates as main course plates. But since these are quite small in size, therefore, might not be ideal for everyone.

There are plenty of stores which have plates larger than salad plates but smaller than dinner plates in their stock. It is also possible to buy these individually without having to buy an entire dinner set.

Benefit of Portion Control Plates

At first it might appear to be a silly idea to use portion control plates, but this actually works. Your mind is tricked into believing that you have eaten enough while in reality you have eaten less than what you will normally do with larger plates.

Are you in doubt that it will work for you? You can try to buy smaller paper made plates before investing in the new smaller plates to test how it goes. If you do not see results, then still no harm done because you have not invested in regular portion control plates.

When you are eating out in a restaurant, you can request the server to deliver your food in smaller plates. And when it is a buffet, you can choose smaller plates for taking food yourself. And when you are eating at someone’s residence, try to make your best judgement.

It is not possible to suppress your appetite magically. And if the small plate does not make you feel full, you can always go and take another serving. However, portion control plate can be one of the weapons in your arsenal of weight loss.

Plate color is also a consideration. Different studies indicate that by eating in black or other darker color plates, you end up eating less per meal. And when you are out in the market buying smaller plates, try to buy in black or other dark color to double the effect of smaller eating plates.

Using portion control plates is definitely a consideration which keep your portion sizes in manageable size. When you are trying to lose weight by winning diet battle, it does not hurt to try one or two research based psychological tricks.