Is Adopting Paleo Lifestyle a Sustainable Option

paleo-lifestyleAdopting a paleo lifestyle means living on a paleo diet for the rest of life. This diet is also called caveman diet because it is mostly like the diet which our ancient ancestors used to eat.Its weight loss benefits are well document in the latest medical research now. [1]

Different questions are natural when we first hear something about the paleo diet. Is paleo diet healthy? Is it expensive or affordable to follow? Will you need to compromise on your favorite foods on paleo diet? Does it resemble an uncivilized diet plan?

Many of these questions are often because of the false propaganda or misconceptions about paleo lifestyle. Paleo diet is a little restrictive in nature but otherwise it is a sustainable and healthy diet. And as with changing other habits, adopting a paleo lifestyle will take some time before you can start living paleo way.

Why Most Diets Are Not Sustainable?

Most fad diets can not be sustained in the long run. Either they are too restrictive in calories or have been created around false information without any scientific evidence for quick weight loss based on these diet plans. And most of these are not feasible in the long run anyway.

What You Will be Eating on Paleo Diet?

The paleo diet is a bit different from these. Paleo lifestyle means you will be eating foods like eggs, meat and healthy fats. The preference is for organic meat and eggs. Processed foods, sugar and grains are off limits with paleo diet. And this is exactly a weak spot for a lot of people.

Saying goodbye to comfort foods like cakes, pastries, chocolates and ice-creams is a big sacrifice. Is it even worth the effort? This is a question which should be answered by every individual. In fact, you can have sweet foods too because there are paleo recipes for making paleo compliant smoothies, desserts and even ice-cream. So not exactly very bad but for sure you will have to totally forget your favorite flavors or Dunkin Donuts.

The decision has to be yours if you need a lean body and good health with paleo lifestyle or you want to stay as you are. One thing to note is that once you have persisted for 3 months with the paleo diet, your food cravings for sweet foods will start to decrease significantly. The night time raids to the refrigerator for binge eating will go away.

The key is that food cravings diminish when the body is already getting all the essential nutrients. Therefore, if you look at the longer picture, it is not a sacrifice at all.

Is Paleo Diet Expensive?

The paleo diet is not very expensive when compared to normal diet. All you are doing is changing your normal diet with substitute foods. In fact you might be having some cost savings because paleo diet plan recommends that you foods in bulk. And since you are also encouraged to cook yoru foods, you will also save on this too.

This means that paleo lifestyle means you will save money. With paleo diet, you may be able to get better bargained prices from your local meat shop. One investment you will need to make is to get a freezer to store your bulk meat. This is not a recurring investment and the freezer will serve for many years to come.

In summary, paleo diet is definitely not expensive. Rather it is cheaper than the normal American diet. And also do not forget that you will be saving on medical bills too because you will not get sick that often since you will not eating poor diet like before.

Paleo lifestyle is surely a sustainable diet plan in the long term. It has great benefits. Only you will feel a bit of difficulty initially when you are still getting used to it. One you are over the initial problems, the rest of the sailing with paleo diet is smooth. You will find paleo lifestyle an excellent way to live your life.