How to Overcome Challenges to Exercise

exercise-barriersA lot many of us know how difficult it is to stick to an exercise routine. There are plenty of potential exercise challenges that impact your fitness efforts. There are things like lack of confidence, boredom, time and injuries etc. However, these exercise challenges can be overcome and you can cross these barriers to fitness by following these practical tips:

Exercise Challenges

Time Issues

If you are always pressed for time in your busy routine and you think that you do not have enough time then you need to make the best of the time that is available and use it for exercise too. You can squeeze in little 10 minute walks scattered during the day.

Another possibility is to get up earlier in the morning and go for a 30 minute walk or jogging. And if possible, try to walk to nearby places rather than getting into your car every time. Weekends are especially suitable for some physical activities. Rather than watching movies, you can go with the kids to nearby park for some fun cycling or swimming etc.

Exercise is ?boring

Humans get bored for repetitive things and so it is quite easy to get bored of an exercise routine. One solution is to choose the kinds of exercise you really enjoy. Also vary your routine of exercise between cycling, swimming and walking to make it less a chore and more of an entertainment.

Low Self Confidence

If you are overweight, do not fret about it. Just think about what good you are doing to your health by doing exercise. If you do not feel good about your appearance then initially you may avoid the crowds and go to places where individual exercise is possible. Some options could be a treadmill, a stair climbing machine or a stationary bicycle. Acknowledge to yourself for making the commitment for a healthier future life. As you get fitter and feel comfortable exercising when people are around, you will see a natural surge in your confidence.

Feel Too Tired

If you feel that you are too tired during the day and do not have energy for exercise, you will be caught in a cycle of tiredness. You can start feeling full of energy once you start exercising. You have to break this cycle. You may try to exercise in the morning when you are still fresh and have more energy. Do not go for extreme exercises in the beginning. Get on to your treadmill while you enjoy your favorite music or you can head outside to explore nature alongside your brisk walk.


If you start feeling tired by just thinking about exercise, then one way of coming over exercise challenges is to set realistic expectation. Start small by taking a walk around your neighborhood. Stick to it and eventually you will see the laziness going away. Try to fit in your exercise routine during the time when you feel more energetic and less lazy.

Health Clubs not affordable

If your barrier to exercise is that you can not afford health club fees then there are many free alternatives which are as good as any health club membership. Try to do exercises like push-ups, squats etc. You can also try simple resistance bands for exercising at home. Join a walking group with your neighbors, coworkers and family members. Whenever possible, avoid lift and take the stairs. And it is also possible that you may join a reasonable and free gym at your local community center.

Past failures at exercise

Even when you have tried in the past and failed every time, you still can make another try. Try to find the mistakes and reevaluate things that went wrong. The best thing is to start small with your exercise and then gradually build to more intense workout routines. Do not start with high goals. Set realistic and achievable goals. For example, you can set a goal of brisk walking for 20 minutes for 3 days a week initially during the first month. Once you get in a routine, you can increase your time and days. And above all, always remind yourself why you are exercises: because it is good for your health.