Suffering From Night Eating Syndrome – Try These Tips

night eating syndromeThere is a special term for those people who overeat at night time – night eating syndrome. If your night time is the time when you consume most of your food before going to bed, then you are surely going to add a lot of unwanted weight to your body. And you will also feel sluggish and lazy during the day.

When you are full from the night time eating binge, it is likely that you will skip your breakfast as a routine. And you should never miss your breakfast because it is the best have to keep unwanted pounds away from your body. It is also the main source of fuel for your activities during the day. By not eating a healthy breakfast, you are more likely to overeat at lunch or other meals. You will also develop health problems if you keep doing this in the long run.

Those who have night eating syndrome also get up after they have gone to sleep to eat. Try to focus on your mood at the time when you wake up from your bed for binge eating at night. Was your day at work really stressful or you have been feeling depressed for quite some time and are now helpless and totally out of control.

The worst time to give extra calories to your body is the night time. The calorie requirement of your body is drastically reduced during night time. Therefore, you will feel less satisfied even by eating at night and this food is most likely to turn to fat. More so in case of food being high in carbohydrates and sugars.

Most of our evening hours are spent while relaxing by watching TV or indulging in high calorie snacks. Those people who are doing highly stressful jobs are more likely to skip their lunch and then they turn to overeating at night – these people are the ideal candidates for night eating syndrome.

How to Overcome Night Eating Syndrome

If you are sure that you are suffering from night eating syndrome (NES), then you can try to overcome this healthy problem by using these tips:

  • Try to always eat away from television. Try to have your meal at the kitchen table and focus deeply on what you are eating and how much.
  • Try to have a healthy lunch and then also go for nutritious afternoon snack. By doing this, there are less chances of you indulging in night time eating when you get back home.
  • Try to trick your brain by using portion control. If you must have a dessert at night, try to use a smaller serving or share it with others.
  • The most important single factor to guard against overeating at day time or at night is your healthy and nutritious breakfast.

Those who are with night eating syndrome have a shortage of hormone called Leptin in their bodies. Another hormone named Melatonin, which induces sleep, is also in short supply in people with NES.

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