How to Read and Understand Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

mediterranean-diet-pyramidThose who are on Mediterranean diet must have seen a common image called the Mediterranean diet pyramid. In fact they might have seen it even without knowing that it is based on the Mediterranean diet. This has also been under extensive medical research and medical evidence also supports the use of this pyramid.

This pyramid is in use by a large number of clinics, doctors, health organizations, and other fitness professionals to guide people about how to eat healthy diet. This is a standard diet pyramid to live by and almost all professionals in the health sphere fully agree that following the Mediterranean diet pyramid will be very beneficial for your health.

The pyramid lists all the different healthy foods and their appropriate servings to be taken daily. This has been developed after doing a lot of research about the diet of the people living in the Mediterranean countries. These countries have very low rate of heart diseases. And also the average life expectancy is higher in these countries.

The main reason attributed to these results is that the people in the Mediterranean region stay away from processed foods and eat traditional healthy foods which have been prepared in a healthy way too. They are still not devout followers of the fast food culture which is prevalent in countries like the US, Australia and UK. In fact both Australia and US are in the midst of an obesity epidemic because of this.

The Mediterranean diet pyramid is free from any processed foods, pizzas, colas, white flour products and other unhealthy foods. You will see food categories such as veggies, meat, fruits, fish, nuts and other healthy foods on this pyramid.

The people living in the Mediterranean countries love eating vegetables, fish, grains, wine, healthy nuts, fruit and healthy oils. They generally do not like red meat and stay away from it. And their cooking oils are also natural like olive oil and coconut oil. The mediterranean chicken is absolutely free from unhealthy hydrogenated cooking oils.

When you look at the Mediterranean food pyramid, you will see that a lot of stress has been placed on eating plant based food. Some excellent foods choices are nuts, vegetables, beans, and fruits.

The fat consumption on the Mediterranean diet should be moderate along with consumption of cheese and yogurt. You can eat eggs even daily.

The preferred type of meat is fish and it should be eaten twice a week. And instead of red meat, poultry is liked and may be eaten two days a week. If you really like red meat, then you can have it up to a maximum of 4 times a month.

You can eat fruit daily. It is recommended that you stay away from foods that have processed sugar in them. Therefore, candies and chocolates should be eaten only rarely.

Wine is one of the main characteristics of the Mediterranean diet pyramid. However, wine should not be replaced with vodka, beer or bourbon. The mediterranean diet only recommends wine in alcoholic drinks. Wine is usually taken after dinner and about 1 or 2 glasses a day should be fine.

This food pyramid is only a guideline to help you eat in a healthy way. You should not be overly strict with your diet and should not really be upset if you end up eating two servings of fruit when the Mediterranean food pyramid recommends one for example. You will be totally fine as long as you are acting in spirit of the pyramid by eating healthy food and stay away from unhealthy foods.

You can find an easy to understand mediterranean food pyramid here. It is not only a healthy diet but it is also an ideal way of how to lose weight fast.