When Mediterranean Diet Plan is NOT For You – Pros and Cons


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Yes! There are some some disadvantages with the Mediterranean diet plan too.

The real truth is that there is not one single diet plan for everybody and same goes in case of this diet too. This also may not be suitable for some people and it might have some side effects for them.

Benefits of Mediterranean Diet

However, to begin with, the mediterranean diet plan is an excellent choice for majority of the people because of its amazing health benefits. It lowers blood pressure, reduces blood cholesterol levels, and there are reduced risks for deadly diseases like diabetes, Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s and cancer.[1] In general, the Mediterranean diet has been linked with life longevity.[2] [3] [4]The main idea of this diet plan is to eat the foods in their natural form or to eat these after cooking in a healthy way.

The mediterranean diet plan does not focus much on sugar, meats and other processed foods because these are the foods that are known to cause a lot of diseases in the modern world. In fact most of the health issues in the United States are linked to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.

This poor diet problem is solved by the Mediterranean diet. And for solving the sedentary lifestyle problem, you will have to start exercising. But there may be some issues with the Mediterranean diet too.

Disadvantages of the Mediterranean Diet plan

To begin with, it is not a cheap diet to be on. You will have to eat a lot of fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables. And these foods are definitely more expensive than getting your hands on a cheeseburger at McDonalds. However, if you take into account that the money you save by eating the unhealthy foods will be spent manyfold in the future on medical bills, you will not find the Mediterranean diet that expensive.

There may be some people allergic to a few ingredients used in this diet. For example, some people may not adjust with the olive oil which is used a lot in this diet. In such a situation, the best option is to go for another healthy diet.

This diet also uses a lot of ish. However, because of the environmental pollution fish in certain areas is very toxic because of the high levels of mercury and other industrial toxins. If you are not sure about the source of fish, it is advisable to get the omega-3 fatty acids from other sources like walnuts, flaxseeds and Brussel sprouts.

It also suggest some fruits and vegetables which might not be available easily in a few countries that are not situated in the Mediterranean region. Moreover, some of the fruits might be out of season. Importing these fruits and vegetables is expensive. Therefore, before you adopt this diet plan, you need to take these factors into consideration.

You will need some time to adjust to the Mediterranean diet plan. A lot of people have been accustomed to eating whatever comes their way and whenever they feel like. Feeling hungry? get that bowl of ice cream. Getting bored? Let’s fry chicken. Food is also used as an emotional panacea for emotional issues.

Such people will need to think of healthier food options after adopting the diet. Fried chicken is not encouraged on the Mediterranean diet plan. You will need to replace ice cream with some other healthy sweet like a fruit with fiber.

This change of habits might not go well with many people. All of this is quite troublesome during initial days. But whatever worthwhile you will achieve in life will hardly come easy.

Adopt the Mediterranean diet plan, do your best effort, remain positive, and it is likely that you will follow this for the rest of your life. Your body and overall health will?gradually show the benefits of the Mediterranean diet plan for the times to come.