How Does Mediterranean Diet for Diabetes Help

mediterranean-diet-diabetesMediterranean diet is considered to be the most healthy diet on the planet without compromising tasty foods. It is also helpful for people who want to lose weight. Though it is not suited for quick weight loss but for the long term, it is the perfect diet to lose weight and get healthy.

But there is even more good news for followers of mediterranean diet plan. A research study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine has concluded that mediterranean diet reduces the risk of diabetes by 40 percent if you eat two ounces of extra virgin olive oil per day. The study was conducted on more than 3000 men and women.

Other research studies have also established the benefits of mediterranean diet for prevention of type 2 diabetes. Other scientific references that vouch for effectiveness of mediterranean diet for diabetes are given at the end of this article.

The mediterranean diet is rich in nuts, olive oil, beans, vegetables and fruits. The consumption of dairy products and sweets is limited when following this diet. From alcoholic drinks, only wine is allowed in moderate quantity.

If you compare the details of the mediterranean diet with the diet recommendations by the American Diabetes Association, you will be surprised that mediterranean diet already contains recommended diet plan by the Diabetes Association. For example, the American Diabetes Association recommends that losing weight reduces your risk of diabetes and in food, they recommend:

  • Eat non-starchy vegetables, fruits and lean meats
  • Eat healthy unsaturated fats like olive oil
  • Limit sweets intake
  • Be active
  • Eat low fat products
  • Eat healthy carbohydrates coming from whole grains, vegetables and beans etc.

The best thing about the Mediterranean diet is that the research has proved that you decrease your chances of getting type 2 diabetes even without losing weight or exercise if you follow mediterranean diet for diabetes.

And do you know that being on the mediterranean diet means that you will be enjoying almost all food types and mediterranean foods are delicious with lots of herbs and seasoning with aromatic spices. The staple cooking oil is olive oil and unhealthy saturated fats like margarine and butter are rarely used in mediterranean diet recipes.

Most of the foods in the Mediterranean diet plan are coming from the plant sources. For example, fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs, nuts, beans, whole grains and olive oil are all plant based. And olive oil is known for reducing risk for heart disease too. It contains monounsaturated fats which are healthier than the saturated fats and reduce the blood cholesterol levels.

Mediterranean diet for diabetes also includes desserts which are mostly fruit inspired. It is not criminal to enjoy a dessert once in a while even when you have diabetes. But ensure that sweets and desserts are in small and moderate portions. Their quantity should be just enough to satisfy your sweets craving.



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