Why the Mediterranean Diet is Best Diet for Women

meditternean-diet-for-womenMany different research studies on the Mediterranean diet have proved that it is an excellent diet for women. One researcher Cecilia Samieri has said that those women who have healthier diet patterns have 40 percent increased chance of living up to 70 years and more. This clearly shows that life expectancy has link with diet. But perhaps you were already aware of it.

But what you need to know is the reason why the mediterranean diet is the best diet plan for women.

First and foremost, the Mediterranean diet foods have lower saturated fats and unhealthy sweeteners. These are two major problems with the diet that most american women are on these days. Our diet is full of processed foods which are high in sugar and low in calories and on top of that all different kinds of unhealthy additives are also added.

This unhealthy diet affects ?women’s body and skin in a bad way. They are likely to age faster and the body also becomes less active and supple. On the contrary, the Mediterranean diet is rich in vegetables, fish, legumes, fruits, nuts and red wine. Most of these foods have low saturated fats and higher unsaturated fats because of the use of healthy extra virgin olive oil too, which is known to be healthy for the body.

A lot of women who want to lose weight quickly often resort to eating less and exercising more. While this is quite useful apparently but what eating less of unhealthy foods is still not as good as eating a healthy diet and eating in moderation. You can stay slim by eating junk food in moderation but will it not be more beneficial for your health if you eat healthy foods like salmon drizzled in olive oil, stir fried broccoli or Greek yogurt etc.

Definitely it will be. This is what makes the Mediterranean diet so great. This is not only healthy and beneficial but it is actually delicious too. You do not need to fore eat the steamed chicken breasts or bad tasting protein shakes.

The same benefits can be had by eating a healthy and delicious diet like the Mediterranean diet. The foods rich in calcium like Brussel sprouts, kale and spinach will keep you safe from women’e old age enemy called osteoporosis. And eating vegetables and fruit will ensure sufficient supply of fiber for your body.

Potatoes and legumes, which are rich in potassium, will keep your blood pressure lower and protect your muscle mass. And the healthy olive oil which is used quite frequently with the Mediterranean Diet recipes is known to reduce risk of heart disease. And the healthy omega-3 fatty acids that are present in fish will improve your health for sure.

The modern day fast food diet is too high in omega-6 fatty acids which are not good for your body. The Mediterranean diet will reverse that and balance with omega-3 fatty acids.

And the best part is that the Mediterranean diet is not very restrictive which is unlike the paleo diet, the Atkins diet or the cabbage soup diet. The compliance rate with this diet is very high, therefore, we have designated it the best weight loss diet for women. This is because you are more likely to stay on the Mediterranean diet for longer because this diet does not impose unnecessary suffering and you can stick to yoru diet even with less willpower.

The switch to the Mediterranean diet is in fact change to a way of life. This is the diet that people living in the Mediterranean countries eat and they are known to have less health issues and longer lives.

It is not possible to go wrong when you are on the Mediterranean diet as long as you are eating in moderation. So get on board as quickly as you can and enjoy all the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet which is a balanced and nutritious diet. It is also possibly the best diet for quick weight loss.