Mediterranean or DASH Diet: Which is Best for Weight Loss

fish-mediterranean-dietIf you are really looking for the best weight loss diet, then it is almost a tie between these two healthy diets. While DASH diet is ranked as the best diet by the U.S News and World Report, the Mediterranean diet appears as an example of a healthy diet in the U.S government’s Dietary Guidelines. [1]

So which one you should pick if you have to choose between Mediterranean vs DASH diet? In fact, as stated above, you can be sure that any of the two is a healthy diet but it also depends on your situation and what kind of results you want to get out of your diet. We take a brief look at the key points of both the diet plans and then discuss which one suits you.

Mediterranean Diet

This diet is based on what people eat in the Mediterranean region, especially on the seaside. What makes this diet plan unique is that it is not about eating certain quantity of carbs or other food groups. It is a balanced diet with a pyramid structure. The lower the foods are at the pyramid, more you can eat of these. For example, fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, nuts and olive oil and other vegetable oils are the lowest tier.

At the second tier are foods like fish, dairy and poultry which you can eat twice a week in moderation. You can eat meats and sweets but even less than the second tier. You can have a more detailed understanding of the mediterranean diet here.


This diet was developed for hypertensive patients.This is a diet which is high in fiber, calcium, potassium and magnesium but essentially low in sodium because sodium has been linked with hypertension. ?The main idea behind this diet is to eat foods low in fats and to eat more foods from vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

This is also a balanced diet because you can also eat protein coming from healthy sources like fish, low fat dairy products, nuts and poultry. This diet restricts intake of sweetened beverages, sweets, and red meat. Read more about DASH diet.

DASH vs Mediterranean: Which one to Choose?

It all depends on your objectives. For example, if you want to lose weight but also want to limit your sodium intake, then nothing is better than the DASH diet. Also you need to understand the types of foods you like. For example, if you like wine and foods prepared in olive oils with lots of salads, the Mediterranean diet should be your pick.

Other factors are also important when choosing the best diet out of these two. If you are lactose intolerant then Mediterranean diet is your safe bet. But on the other hand if you need more calcium in your diet, then you should opt DASH diet.

One thing is guaranteed. If you stick to any of these diets, eat in moderation and follow a fitness routine at least 5 days a week, you are sure to lose weight quickly.