3 Main Dieting Issues for Women and How to Handle These

Most of the aspects of dieting are same for men or women but there are definitely certain dieting issues which are unique to women. These are the issues which make it a touch task to stick to your diet plan but when you are aware of these, you can think of methods and strategies to help you avoid the possible setbacks to your dieting efforts. We discuss the 3 main dieting issues for women and their possible easy solutions.

dieting issues for women

Hormonal Changes:

Menstrual cycle brings the changes which are specific to women only. There are visible increase in water retention, cravings as a result of PMS and you feel like not being able to stick to your diet.

When you are completely aware of your menstrual cycle, you can plan beforehand for all the impending temptations and problems. For an example, if you know that you can not avoid getting on a few pounds due to extra water retention in your body at a particular time of the month, it is best to not know your weight on scales for these few days.

You can also think of plans to deal with cravings for any specific foods. You can switch to dark chocolate if you have chocolate carvings because this will satisfy your chocolate carving but you cant not eat a lot at one time because it is very rich.

Social Problems:

Most women have earned bad name for holding social occasions centered around food. And in most of the cases the foods on table are not the healthiest choices around. In such situation you can take along your own healthier foods or even become part of the hosting by adding a health-conscious food theme.

One other way is to try to arrange social gathering where food is not the primary focus. You may prefer museums, performances or a game night where the main event is not snacks.

Satisfaction of the Sweet Tooth:

This is perhaps one of the main dieting issues for women. Most tempting snacks for women are often the sweet snacks. Some of the most tough things to let go for women are cakes, cookies, candies and chocolate. Some women have tried to address the issue by picking fat-free snacks. But the problem still remains there because even these have high sugar content.

You can go for protein and fruit as snacks because they are free from sugar that are known to make your cravings on a higher scale. When you have avoided eating a lot of sugar for a while, you will see that these sweet cravings are already on their weak scales.