Low Carb Diet vs Paleo Diet : Which One is Better?

low-carb-diet-vs-paleo-dietThis is a good question and of course one of the most popular ones too in weight loss community. This is mostly asked by people who are looking to lose weight and have come under an information overload because of all the weight loss and diet plans floating around. It is not that simple to answer this question of paleo diet vs low carb diet because it also depends on the person who is starting a diet as well.

In this article we will discuss and pros and cons of both the diet plan and at the end, we will leave the decision up to the reader. Though one of these diets is a little better than the other one but at the same time it is also harder of the two. So, make your decision wisely.

Paleo Diet Pros and Cons

This diet is not really about weight loss. Its main promise is that it helps you make healthy food choices. You get to eat those foods which are good for your body and avoid those foods which are not so good or are harmful. The paleo diet is really effective and people lose weight on paleo diet which has made paleo diet popular for the reason that people know that you also lose weight in the process.

On paleo diet, you get to eat a lot of meat. Eggs, grass fed meats and also healthy fats coming from grass fed butter and coconut oils etc. What you can not eat is anything that has sugar in it, grains and all processed foods.

This tends to get very difficult for a lot of people because they have to sacrifice their favorite comfort foods. This is the reason that paleo diet is more difficult than the low carb diet. However, if you succeed in managing your cravings and adjust to paleo diet, then you will not only lose weight, but you will also look healthier and better.

You will get less allergies, less health problems and good relationship with food overall. The food cravings will go away in maximum three months. But the weight loss you get with paleo diet is permanent and the chances of regaining weight are minimal because paleo diet will stabilize your blood sugar levels and there will not be any major insulin spikes coming because of high GI foods.

Low Carb Diet Pros and Cons

On the other hand, the low carb diet promotes a diet that is very low in carbohydrates and in some versions of the diet, no carbs are allowed at all. This is different from paleo diet because on paleo diet you get to eat carbs coming from fruits and vegetables.

Low carb diet means that you are allowed to eat carbs but in low amounts. Some dieters confuse this with getting their carbs from whole wheat bread or healthy version of cereals. These types of carbs, though eaten in small amounts, can cause insulin spikes.

One side effect of low carb diet is that you feel low on energy, irritable and lethargic. Human body does need some minimum amounts of carbohydrates. If you eat too less carbs, ?the body drops the metabolism rate.[1] The low carb diet also does not suggest nutrient dense foods which the paleo diet does. And this keeps your body with sufficient supply of essential nutrients.

All too often, those on a low carb diet reduce their calories too low and this actually directly affects their weight loss progress. One thing going in the favor of low carb diet is that it is more relaxed in food choices when compared with the paleo diet. Low carb diet does not forbid any food.

Low carb diet also has cheat days when you eat so much that you feel like lying somnolent on yoru bed all day. There are not cheat days on paleo diet.

Paleo Diet vs Low Carb Diet : Final Verdict

In summary, if you are strong willed, then you should go for paleo diet because it is healthier and natural diet plan and you can continue with this diet for the rest of your life. You will see improvement in yor health.

If you can not gather enough courage to stay away from your favorite foods, then low carb diet is your option. However, keep in mind that low carb diet is a short term weight loss solution. It is suitable for quick weight loss but not for sustained weight loss. You will be constantly fighting the bulge. The main reason for weight gain is making poor food choices. So, having lower quantities of poor food is always worse than having no poor food. At the end, the decision is yours.