Losing Weight to Get Pregnant: Does it really work?

lose weight getting pregnantToday we can hear a lot of women claiming that losing weight to get pregnant is an effective strategy. The question here is; is it really?

Some studies show that weight loss can help in releasing estrogen stored in the body fat. This released estrogen can in turn increase a woman?s fertility for a short period of time. But even though losing weight might work?may work for all women, the required weight loss differs for every individual.

According to doctors underweight women can also face problems in conception. Thus, while working on losing weight for getting pregnant, women should keep a check on their weight loss and stop if they feel that they?re over doing it.

Following are some pointers on what to do while working on losing weight to get pregnant:

  • ?Map Out Your Goals:

It is often easy for women to realize that they need to work on?but what they don?t think about is; ?how much weight do I need to lose?? So before starting on any weight loss regimes one should consult their doctor, find out how much weight they need to lose and map out their specific goals.

  • Prefer exercising over diets and pills:

People often use diet pills and specific diets (e.g. the lemon diet) for weight loss. These things are however not healthy while trying to get pregnant by losing weight. For this kind of weight loss it is better to make a habit of daily exercise and keep a strict check on your calorie intake.

  • Seek help from a doctor or a support group:

While working on losing weight to get pregnant, it can help if you seek the help of a support group or a doctor. You can take their help in mapping out your weight loss strategies and goals and sharing your daily progress with them. This will help you in preventing extra weight loss or from lagging on your routine.

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