Health Benefits of a Lean Protein Diet

lean protein dietA trademark of unhealthy diet is that it is full of carbohydrates and short on protein – especially when it comes to lean protein. You need to fill your diet with lots of lean protein. There are many benefits associated with it which can lead to a successful dieting program.

Benefits of Protein Diet

  • Your body needs protein for performing almost every function.
  • Lean protein diet gives you a feeling of satisfaction after meals.
  • Protein is a stabilizing factor for blood sugar which means less food cravings.
  • Protein helps body in building lean muscles and you feel powerful to undertake physical activity.

But most people try to get their protein needs from red meant. They eat things like ground beef, steaks and roasts. A large number of people have hamburgers as their main protein diet source. However, it is advisable that you explore not only enough of protein to keep your heart healthy but also you use different sources of protein.

Good Lean Protein Diet Sources

Some of the foods that are rich in protein are:

  • White mean ( chicken, fish etc)
  • Turkey
  • Fish
  • Lean cuts of pork
  • Lean cuts of beef (should be at least 93 percent fat free)
  • Milk protein
  • Beans
  • Soy

When you start having at least one serving of lean protein diet with every meal, it should be enough supply for your daily requirement. It is also possible that you eat protein as snacks in-between meals so that you feel satisfied and with stable levels of blood sugar.

By shifting to a lean protein diet, you will not have strong cravings to eat high energy carbohydrates all the time. Your body takes more energy to break down proteins and this means you will feel fuller for a longer duration of time.

In fact it is possible to buy lean protein powder from the market but I will suggest that you get it from the original and healthy sources. You never know what is added in these synthetic lean protein powders so when you can get it easily from tasty food why buy it in medicine form.

Another form in which lean protein is available is lean protein shakes. It is again not recommended and you should persist with natural sources which you can add to a lean protein diet to stay healthy and fit.

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