Keto Diet Does Help With Weight Loss, but There is a caveat

Keto diet is endorsed by many celebrities who vouch for its dramatic weight loss capabilities and on lowering blood sugar levels which help with controlling Type 2 diabetes. Recently Dr Ethan Weiss, a University of California cardiologist and researcher lost about 20 pounds in two years while being on keto diet. His typical diet included grilled chicken, tofu, fish vegetables, nuts, cheese and chicken.

Of course there are numerous diet plans but one of the most popular diets is the keto diet. It is basically a diet in which you eat high fat foods and avoid carbs as much as possible. It is similar to Atkins diet because both the diet plans encourage users to cut back on carbs drastically. However, keo diet is stricter in terms of carbs restriction.

A typical ketogenic diet has the following proportions of daily calories:

  • Calories from protein: 20 percent
  • Calories from carbs: 10 percent
  • Calories from fats: 70 percent

However, there are detractors for it as well. A recent study published in Jama Internal Medicine journal has cautioned that the evidence for keto diet as recipe for weight loss and diabetes is not very overwhelming. On the contrary, the study has concluded that, it is similar to low fat diets for control of blood sugar but on the other hand may cause adverse effects like fatigue, higher LDL cholesterol and constipation.

The author of famous book Always Hungry, Dr. Ludwig, is of the view that low carb diets help with weight loss more than low fat diets. But still even lower carb alternatives like tropical fruits, whole grains and vegetables can still cause spikes in insulin and blood sugar levels after meals.

The scientists at national Institute of Health have recently published a research study which concludes that people lose more weight and burn more calories while they are on low fat diet in comparison with low carb diet. However, there is general consensus among nutritionists that as long as you are cutting back on calories you are very likely to lose weight.

If you want to try the ketogenic diet then probably it is a better idea that you limit your intake of foods like meat, butter and cheese which are high in saturated fats and use more foods with higher unsaturated fats like nut, olive oil, avocado, chicken and seafood. However, all diet plans work as long as you remain committed to these for a long term and the keto diet is no exception.

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