Why Is it So Difficult to Lose Weight

is-it-difficult-to-lose-weightIf you go by all the fancy diet pills ads or the weird belts and products being sold on TV infomercials, you might think that it is extremely easy to shed those pounds. However, it is too far from truth.

One of the toughest challenges you can undertake is losing weight. And this is precisely the reason that the first of the New Year’s resolutions that is broken is related to getting fit again. In such situations people do ask the question: Why is losing weight difficult?

Weight loss is a winding and long road marked with a lot of sweat and in some cases tears. The basic concepts about losing weight are not complex. Just eat less calories than you eat. Combine this with some cardio exercise and fitness training. Eat healthy food, stay away from fatty foods and so on.

Why losing weight is difficult?

The first thing that comes to mind is implementation. The above concepts sound quite easy on paper. But when you try to apply these, it starts getting difficult. You need to sacrifice by eating less. A lot of people have developed habit of eating whatever they feel like eating. Bring some ice cream, pizza, cakes and other comfort foods and they will finish all in no time. When you give up these high calorie foods, you give up your comfort foods that give short term happiness. And nobody likes to give up happiness.

Eating poorly is also a habit we have developed. When you try to eat the right foods, you also try to break a long established habit. And breaking bad eating habits is not easy. In fact most habits are hard to break.

And to make things even more unattractive, you need to exercise to burn fat. The duration of exercise might be between 30 to 60 minutes. And we all know exercise means panting, sweating, pain and gasping for air. And it is not at all fun for those who are obese or fat. These people are not used to exercise. Once you make it a part of your lifestyle it becomes easier but you will need some motivation still.

So the pain is doubled because not only you sacrifice your comfort foods but your body also feels tortured because of the daily exercise. On the other hand , it is a lot easier to gain weight. You just eat, watch TV on couch and eat whenever and whatever you feel like.

You do not need to make much effort to gain weight. In fact it is easy as well as fat. And it is a very annoying fact.

Losing weight requires a lot more time than gaining weight. This is the biggest reason that most people give up on their diet.

The results do not come fast enough because one hour of moderate intensity exercise burns a maximum of 500 calories. And you can gain 300 calories from just one slice of pizza. When you eat two pizza slices, you have already cancelled out the one hour you spent at the gym. This is enough to break most dieters heart. This must explain why losing weigh is difficult.

Losing weight takes time. You need to follow a sensible diet plan for some time. You might need to follow this diet for many months, depending on the amount of weight you are targeting to lose. You can not slip up on your diet during this time and you also have to exercise as often as possible during this time.

Weight loss is a difficult and long process, to say the least. But however difficult it may be, you should stay on the path without giving up. If you persist, there is nothing that can stop you from reaching your goal.

After losing fat and reaching your desired weight loss target, you will experience the kind of happiness and achievement which is not possible with even the best of comfort meals. You will feel good and look fit with daily training and exercise. All your exercise will feel worth it.