Insulin Resistance Diet Plan Effectiveness: Does it work?

insulin resistance dietWhen people are trying to lose weight, the procedure is practically simple. You find a diet that is suited for what you usually eat and the time that you have to follow it, you start doing exercising and you buy a scale to see how much weight you have lost. But when you are suffering from insulin resistance, you will need a Insulin Resistance Diet.

Insulin is being created by the pancreas to help the body process the glucose he receives from foods and keep the blood sugar levels in check. Insulin resistance is the predecessor of Diabetes, and it happens because the pancreas is producing a lot more insulin than it should. This is why you need an Insulin Resistance Diet.

Diet Plan

MD Dr. Cheryle Hart, presented the Insulin Resistance Diet in her book called “The Insulin-Resistance Diet: How to turn off your body’s fat-making machine”. The doctor is teaching you to don’t cut away from your daily diet the carbohydrates as you would aspect, but to keep a 15g carbs to 7g proteins ratio.

While on this diet?you should try to keep the carbs intake at the recommended amount. If you eat more than 35 grams of carbs in a period of 2 hours , the sugar will be transformed into body fat. The perfect food ratio should be: 20-30% fats, 20-30% proteins, 40-60% carbs. The way you combine them can help you stay healthy.

When you are following this, it?is really good to include in your daily menu fish, low-fat dairy products, proteins from vegetable foods and chicken. You should however stay away or at least limit the red meat proteins and fats. You can have as many vegetables as you wish, but you should have fruits for only twice a day.

You should talk with your doctor before following the Insulin Resistance Diet, as this is a serious condition and this diet might not work great for everyone if its not personalized. Also, try doing some mild workout, like walking or climbing stairs, for a better response to insulin and help you lose weight faster.