How to Improve Your Damaged Metabolism Rate

rapair-metabolism-rateWhat do we mean by a damaged metabolism? Well, metabolism is not damaged. It is just a way of saying that the metabolic rate has dropped to a level where you have hit the weight loss plateau.

You will take ages to lose weight and see the scales change even when you are eating properly and exercising regularly. The main reason for this situation is that people try to rush their fat fat loss process and in this quest, they really cut down their calories drastically. It is also called military diet or starvation diet.

The body gets a shock when you do this and its reaction is to hold on to the fat deposits desperately. Because the calorie intake is reduced, the body drops metabolism rate and the fat burning slows down. You are caught in this vicious cycle.

However, it is possible to remedy this situation. While this is a good news, the bad news is that it will take many weeks to return your metabolism to its past fat burning glory.

Most of the fat diets which promise quick weight loss damage body metabolism. The body goes into the starvation mode when you eat minimal calories for a long period of time. And the irony is that as the time goes by, even more time is required to lose the same weight.

How to restore metabolism

There are few ways to fix body metabolism. However, you will have to be consistent and patient for this. It takes time to repair the damaged metabolism.

Weight training

First of all you need to start physical training with weights. Resistance training will work work on different muscle groups of the body and boost your metabolic rate. Do some of the major compound movements like squats, presses, dead-lifts, pull-ups etc. The more types of muscle groups you work per exercise, the better it is.

Take 3 day break

Secondly take a 3 day break from your diet and eat a calorie surplus food moving away from the calorie deficit diet you have been following. It is also possible to consider extension of these 3 days to 7 days. When you eat calorie surplus diet, the body gradually thinks that starvation is over and it comes out of starvation mode. Of course, you will come out of it with a gain of a few pounds but you will quickly burn these once the body metabolism is restored.

You will first have to find your our daily calorie intake requirement based on your body weight and then stick to that number. Your body metabolism will not be damaged again if you stick to that. This can be found by visiting any calorie calculator site.

Increase workout intensity

The intensity of your workouts will also go a big way in boosting your metabolic rate. The greater the intensity, the better it is for metabolism. You need to be pouring with sweat, gasping and panting. This will surely increase your metabolic rate.

If you do excessive cardio exercise, you need to slow it down. If you really like to do cardio, then eat enough calories to compensate for the calories burnt in cardio. Your main aim should be only 500 day calorie deficit.

If you eat the right amount of healthy food and train right, you can easily restore your metabolic rate. It will definitely take time but you will be past the initial inertia and get back on track. After that aim for reasonable and steady weight loss and you will achieve your weight loss goal in no time.

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