How to Lose Weight While Pregnant

losing weight while pregnantWhile gaining extra weight is preconceived negatively by pregnant women, it ?is actually a healthy occurrence which provides nutritional support for your growing baby.? Dieting or reducing your food intake could actually risk you and the baby with deficiencies.? Becoming interested with how to lose weight while pregnant should be something recommended by your doctor.

Doctors may advise pregnant women to lose weight if avoiding pregnancy complication is involved.

Here are some recommended? tips to make you aware of how to safely lose weight while pregnant without any harm to the baby inside your womb.

?Eat nutritious food

Essential nutrients such as folic acid coming from citrus fruits, fortified cereals and leafy greens can prevent birth defects and should be included in your daily meal plan during pregnancy.? You also need your daily dose of calcium, protein and iron from food sources .? Your doctor need to prescribe supplements in case you can?t comply with the right amount of nutrients required.

Watch your calories

Daily recommendation is 300 calories more according to the American Pregnancy Association,and not necessarily doubling the size of your meal (since pregnant women eat not just for themselves but the baby,too). Consult your nutritionists with ideal calorie servings per day which you can keep to lose weight but not depriving yourself of nutrition.

Avoid processed and packed food

Processed food like hotdogs and salami contain too much salt or sodium which may potentially lead to listeriosis, an infection which may be transmitted to newborn babies.? Sodium also causes swelling and increase in blood pressure. ?Choose fully cooked meat such as poultry and fish as much as possible.

Packed food such as cakes, crackers and cookies usually contain unfermented white flour which is difficult to digest.? How to lose weight while pregnant encourages you to skip these and look for health snacking alternatives.


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