How to Eat Your Favorite Foods While Dieting

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CC BY-ND by mealmakeovermoms

When you are dieting, the hardest part is to give up your favorite foods. However, it is possible that you take some of your favorite foods recipes and adapt these as per requirements of your diet plan. By making substitutions, you can keep enjoying your favorite foods even when dieting.

How to eat Favorite Foods Even on Diet

  • Use a fat free soup in place of regular cream soups – the difference in taste is hardly noticeable.
  • When making a brownie or a cake, you can use half the recommended amount of oil and use applesauce for the remaining half
  • Make use of fruit juices to add sweetness to recipes in place of sugar
  • Use low fat cheese when possible in place of full fat cheese
  • Where you use vegetables in any recipe, double the amount of vegetables and reduce the fatty meats quantity
  • Pick whole grain pastas instead of white ones
  • Use brown rice in place of white rice
  • You can use spaghetti squash for replacing pasta in recipes
  • One cool trick is to make smaller portions of your favorite recipes of high calorie and high fat dishes. To satisfy your hunger add a side dish of vegetables or fruit salad.
  • Get lean cuts in place of high fat meats
  • Prefer to grill meats instead of frying these
  • Avoid sour cream and use nonfat yogurt in its place
  • Use egg whites in your favorite recipes instead of whole eggs
  • To increase fiber intake, use whole wheat flour in place of bleached flour
  • Make use of beans to increase fiber quantity whenever possible in your recipes
  • Replace traditional white flour with either whole wheat tortillas or corn tortillas

You do not need to give up your favorite foods while dieting. In most of the cases you can keep enjoying your favorite meals with your family by making simple substitutions. If you do not easily find a substitute ingredient to lighten up the recipe, then make small portions of that dish and offer a healthy side dish.