How to Change Your Weight: Why Mind is Important

A lot many of us have been in constant struggle with our weight for many years or even decades. And the reason is that we never learn to eat in the way which is most suited for our own bodies.

We simply can not break the twin bad habits or overeating or eating the wrong types of foods.

Some comfort foods, which have refined cars and sugar (bread and pasta comes to mind), can have addicting qualities similar to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or computer games.

Our bodies get used to the feeling of satisfaction and calm that high blood sugar brings because of these comfort foods.

Almost all of us have been fed on sugar and refined carbs since our childhood. Therefore, it should not surprise us or anyone that we go from one weight loss diet to another crash weight loss program to shed belly fat.

Those with experience of quitting smoking know that the final quitting came after many failed attempts. The same situation applies to our diet.

So what is the main difference between all the failed efforts and one successful attempt? There is only one answer and it is our mind.

Having the right attitude for weight loss is critical. Our minds should be one hundred percent convinced that we want to lose weight and change this habit of unhealthy eating.

It will not produce any results even in centuries if you just keeping things that you want to lose weight, without changing your diet. Most people approach their diet plans this way.

They might not be aware of it but in the heart of their hearts they want to carry on with their normal eating patterns and get thing by magic without altering what they eat.

But we need to realize that it is not possible. We have to change either our diet or our exercise habits for effective and long term weight loss. If we can change both, we are almost guaranteed success.

Therefore, before you select your next diet plan, sit down in silence and write down all the pressing reasons that make you want to “change your diet and exercise habits” and not the reasons why you want to lose weight.

Reasons may be diverse. You might want to address a health issue or you want a general improvement in your overall health, being able to get sporty with kids, being able to eat food without guilt or getting yourself free from shackles of addiction to unhealthy foods.

Then keep these benefits in your clear focus when you start your new weight loss program.

You will note that it is easier to focus on better eating and exercise than focusing on weight loss, scale and appearance. And this so because the real things that you want to change in your lie are fitness and eating. Weight loss will follow automatically.