How to Avoid Weight Gain After You Quit Smoking

Bad habits take moments to develop and years to be gotten rid of. One such habit is smoking. There is a large number of people all around the globe who wish to quit smoking, maybe because come to the realization that it will lead to further misery after a period of temporary peace. But they fear the possible effects of letting go of this habit. One such fear is weight gain. Gaining weight means giving birth to a whole package of uninvited health issues. Those who fear gaining weight find it quit difficult to abandon their habit of smoking.

Such people believe that it is way easier for them to carry on with smoking, instead of getting a weight gain which they never asked for in the first place. To ponder over the ways to avoid gaining weight under such circumstances, it is necessary to begin looking upon the factors that lead to extra pounds when people quit smoking in the first place.

To begin with, let us discuss nicotine, which is an appetite killer as well as a stimulant. Smoking gives rise to a higher degree of metabolic activities inside your body. Once a person discontinues to smoke, his/her metabolism rate declines and the feelings of hunger begin to make up for the fall in the metabolic rate.

Moreover, smokers tend to light up their cigarettes in stressful situations, so as to calm themselves down and give their nerves some rest. When they quit smoking, they look for other things to do to lower down their anxiety level. For example, they may begin to eat.

Thus, when a smoker decides to quit the habit of lighting up cigarettes in their mouths, they begin to crave for it more than ever.

The very first substitute they come up with to mollify these longings, is food. High calorie foods with a staggering sugar content seem to be the quickest replacement, as they are easy to obtain, easy to eat, and enhance your mood just in time.

Gradually, the calories sum up, the metabolism slows down, and as a result, waistline expands. To avoid being in a situation of rapid weight gains, it is important to fight against the activities that lead to weight increments.

At times, it may seem to be quite a difficult job to suppress your desires for food, but there are other solutions to pacify those cravings. Try going for a walk in a nearby park, or listen to soothing music. Read a book or begin working on some tensionless task to keep your mind from thinking about eating. There can be a million other things to do, but your aim should be to keep yourself busy in doing something. If you still fail to cease your urge for food, consider opting for healthier snacks.

For example, much on carrot sticks instead of potato crisps, or try tasting dried fruits instead of cookies, for a change. Low-calorie sugar-free snacks have been around us all the time, but sadly, they are more often neglected than selected. There have been countless improvements in them over the time, and in some cases, they are just as good as their unhealthy variants.

Healthier snacking options will help you control your weight when you don?t want it to rise. Many a times it becomes an unavoidable situation to stop gaining weight for a smoker who has freshly quit smoking. Develop an exercise schedule to stop yourself from gaining extra pounds, and lose those that you have gotten into you since you?ve quit smoking.

Increase your water intake levels. Drink lots of water during your meals so that you ill up and the urge to eat mouth-watering foods lessens down to a minimum. It is not necessarily important to replace smoking with munching just as often as you smoked. Eat sensibly, stay occupied, and exercise a lot to lose the weight you have gained. Be firm and determined, and things will work out automatically for you.