How Slowing Down Eating Can Help You Lose Weight

eating too fastIt might a bit of a surprise for you to know that by simply slowing down your eating rate, you can significantly change your body weight.

As ?a general rule, the longer you take to eat your food portion, the less food you will require to feel satisfied from hunger. Some simple tips can aid you in moving away from eating too fast and resultantly eating too much at a time.

Before swallowing your food, try to chew it as much as you can. It will not only help in improving digestion of the food you are eating but by spending the extra time chewing, you will need less food to feel satisfied and in the end you will eat less food quantity.

Try to keep your fork or spoon away from food until you have already chewed and swallowed the food that is in your mouth. As a matter of fact, you can actually do this easily by putting down your fork or spoon in the plate and only pick it up when you exactly need the next piece of food in your mouth.

By doing this you will avoid over eating from eating too fast. If you observer French people eating their food, you will immediately notice that along with taking smaller portions, they also take a lot of time in eating their food. With this they are achieving two important things that contribute to weight loss. They are eating less quantity of food with smaller portions and they are taking longer time to finish their smaller quantity of food.

In fact, when you eat slower, you also get the chance to enjoy the food and savor its flavor in true sense.

Your body takes some times before knowing that it is now full and does not need any more food and we tend to over eat before body sends us that signal when we eat too fast, believing that we are still hungry. In fact, you should always eat a little less than feeling full; rather eat to a level when you are comfortable that you have had enough food and let the body send the full signal, which will come a few minutes later.