6 Healthy snacks for weight loss

healthy snacks for weight lossOne can?t trick his or her mind to avoid snacking in between meals for a very long time. It?d be much more logical if we evolve our brain to be inclined towards eating healthy snacks for weight loss. It will lead to a healthier routine and very good relationship between your diet and weight loss.

Ruling out unhealthy or fattening snacks, and choosing healthy snacks for weight loss is not a hectic job if one stays vigilant about calorie intake as well as taking special care to avoid processed and refined foods. Proteins and fiber is the king of nutrients when it comes to weight loss. We have jotted down a few healthy snacks recipes which are easy to make and yet very delicious.

Cottage-cheese filled avocado
While our focus is on eating less to lose weight as soon as possible, we often forget to keep our calcium levels in an optimum range inside the body. Calcium however, is known to aid in weight loss by various indirect homeostatic hormonal ways.

You can make this quick snack whenever your body craves for something savory and rich. Cut an avocado in half, remove the pit. Fill this space with 2 ounces of 1% cottage cheese. This will make a snack of 200 calories only. Cottage cheese being rich in calcium and protein, avocados are also famous for being super foods which aid in weight loss.

Greek Yogurt with raspberries and honey
This trio is sweet and helps one regulate an orderly relationship between your diet and your sweet tooth. This snack is enormously easy to make and is energy boosting. The raspberries which are the powerhouse of Vitamin C promote the rate of fat burning metabolic reactions occurring in your body.

You just need to mix a cup of raspberries, half-tablespoon of honey into the single serving cup of Greek yogurt. Recharge yourself with this healthy snack. Make sure you take a snack in between low-calorie meals to boost your body?s basal metabolic rate.

Canned Tuna on whole wheat crackers
Tuna is one of the super foods when it comes to weight loss, owing to it?s great protein content and comparatively much lesser calories when it?s canned in water. You can take the leanest form of proteins by eating this snack hence this recipe makes it?s place to the list of healthy snacks for weight loss righteously.

You just have to divide 3 ounces of canned tune in water, onto 6 whole wheat crackers. You can fancy up the dish by topping the tune crackers with a few chopped pieces of tomatoes and cucumbers. This will also be a 200 calorie snack dish just like the ones mentioned above.

Half chicken pita bread sandwich
Have you been desiring to eat something ?real? but the diet restrictions won?t just allow you? Well, now you can have half of a chicken pita bread sandwich as a snack. Chicken is a source of lean proteins, and well the pita bread is pure carbohydrates but it will trick your mind into craving for less junk food once you have it.

Whip up small chicken pieces with pepper, orange and lemon juice, cucumber, tomatoes and set them inside the pita bread. Divide it into two, and you can have two snacks throughout the day in between your meals. Each half will give you 200 calories, 3 grams of fiber and also 20 grams of proteins.

One cup of Edamame will fulfill half of your daily protein and fiber intake. So just boil one cup of it if you want to have a snack, and suck them straight them from the shells. This will make you believe that you have eaten a lot as the pods will be still occupying the plate in front of you.

Cauliflower with white bean dip
The last snack recipe making it way to the list of healthy snacks for weight loss might seem to be a little time taking but it?s not. You just need to make a white bean dip with garlic dip at the start of the week. You can use it as dip or spread from crackers whenever hunger attacks you.

But for this recipe, you?d also have to pair up this dip with two cups of cut cauliflower. It?s a snack of 199 calories to be exact, giving you 11 grams of proteins and 8 grams of fiber.

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