Healthier Beverages to Keep Stock in Your House for Children

Unhealthy drinks can be found everywhere in today’s world. There are many unhealthy drink ?choices from sodas full to brim with sugar and fruit juices, that are not from juice either, filled with preservatives.

But, it is really important that you ensure that your child gets many healthy drink choices. These unhealthy beverages are not only devoid of vitamins needed by kids by also these can adversely affect your child’s development and growth.

Drinking Water

So what choices are there for your child? I think, the right thing to do is to return to basics.

Water. The one undisputed best beverage for your children is water. Water is so vital for functioning of all body parts of human beings. But unfortunately, most of the children who are on western diet are chronically dehydrated all the time.

The one to ensure that your children get the option of drinking this healthy liquid is to keep available plenty of fresh water in the house. If your child reports that he or she doesn’t like bland taste of plain water, then you can add some natural flavor like lime juice or lemon juice. It is also more favorable if you serve cold water to your child.

There are many flavored waters also available in supermarkets but those are mostly sweetened with artificial sweetener. Though artificial sweetener means that they are low in calorie content but these may not be the best thing that your child should be drinking on a regular basis. Make all efforts to remain committed to plain water.

Juice. There are many parents who think that drinking too much juice will mean their children will be taking in too many calories. Recent research studies have proved that even if a child drinks large quantities of juice on a regular basis, it does not lead to obesity in itself later in life.

While it is mandatory that your child gets most of hydration from plain water, it is perfect if a few servings of fruit juice per day are also included. However, watch that juice you are going to give to your child is 100 percent fruit juice. Many commercial beverages claim to be fruit juice but in reality they have less than 2 percent actual fruit juice content and the rest is corn syrup and sugar.

Milk. Milk is another great natural beverage that helps children grow. Kids generally like milk and it is rich in protein and calcium. Even it will be a better option to choose flavored milk over soda because this is a healthier alternative.