How Green Smoothies for Weight Loss Work

green-smoothies-for-weight-lossNo food or drink can provide a fool proof guarantee for weight loss. All your efforts for weight loss will not produce results if the calories you are taking in are more than those you are burning.

The real trick to find an ideal way to burn calories consistently with a healthy and calorie deficit diet and exercising. When we talk of a healthy diet, we are referring to the right kinds of foods that you should be eating and consuming healthy drinks such has green smoothies for weight loss.

What are Green Smoothies

These are blended drinks made from leafy greens, veggies, fruits and healthy fats like flax, hemp seeds, coconut and almonds. Mint, parsley, rainbow chard etc are examples of leafy greens.

The ingredients that are found in green smoothies may vary according to taste and preference of the individual. There are people who would go for all fresh and raw ingredients while others would like thicker types of green smoothies for weight loss with texture similar to ice cream. The ideal smoothies for weight loss have, however, fewer ingredients like fruits, veggies and preferably greens alone.

Green Smoothies and Weight Loss

Following are the reasons that green smoothies are great for weight loss:

Low in Calories

Mostly the ingredients that are used for making green smoothies are whole foods which have low calorie value. This makes them ideal drinks for losing weight. Though burgers, cookies and chips are big temptations as snacks but by turning to green smoothies you will follow a working strategy to lose weight.

You Do not Feel Thirsty

Though health experts recommend that you drink 8 glasses of water every day, most people do not follow the guideline. The taste of sweetened and carbonated sodas attracts people more than the bland taste of plain water.

Many people use sodas and other drinks for quenching their thirst. Such drinks are packed with a lot sugar and other calories which are one of the biggest contributors to weight gain. You can add more water to your green smoothies for weight loss. You will indirectly drink more water and this will reduce your body cravings for drinking high calorie sodas and other similar drinks.

These are Filling

The fruits and vegetables that you use in green smoothies for losing weight are not only low in caloric value but these are also rich in fiber. You are sure to gradually lose weight as you drink green smoothies consistently. It is well established that vegetables and fruits prevent obesity and overweight problems.

And other research has established that when you eat food high in fiber, you are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. Green smoothies are best drinks for weight loss because of the high fiber and water content. They make you feel full for longer and you do not feel hungry for longer period of time. And you will naturally eat less because you will not experience food cravings.

Because of the above, green smoothies are good for weight loss.