Is Getting Endermologie Cellulite Treatment Safe and Effective

endermologie-treatmentOne of the cellulite treatment methods is endermologie treatment which involves strong rolling, sucking and massaging of those body areas where cellulite is present. The main theory behind endermologie cellulite treatment is that this treatment will break up the cellulite fat into smaller fat particles and disperse it away to other body areas from this concentration.

Is Endermologie cellulite treatment safe?

Endermologie treatment uses two ‘rolling pin’ shaped rollers which have virbrators and suction apparatus too. Rollers are used to kneading and massaging the cellulite prone skin. One session lasts for up to 45 minutes. These sessions are used to breakdown the unwanted cellulite fat cells.

So is Endermologie treatment safe too? Well since it is just a massage, it is definitely safe.

Does it cost much? The answer to this question is dependent on how much money you have got. If there is spare money, then the cost will not bother you much. In fact, there are many women who spend a few thousands of dollars on this cellulite treatment.

Is Endermologie Cellulite treatment effective?

So does it produce results? This is a critical question. There are die hard supporters of endermologie cellulite treatment who vouch for its effectiveness and then there are other who consider it a total waste of money without any long term results.

So, after establishing that it is safe, our next step is to see if it is really effective too and whether it is worth the money you will spend on it.

One thing to note is that endermologie does state that cellulite is indeed just fat. This is a fact and first step in the right direction. Now what we need to establish is that is it possible to get rid of fat with massage?

The short answer is no. It can be seen with simple common sense. Though most of us stop use of common sense when it comes to issues that directly affect us. After all, it is quite easy to blankly believe that cellulite can be removed with massage than taking the harder route of strict diet and hard exercise.

Yet, only the harder route gets results when it comes to cellulite removal. Even if you believe for an instance that it is possible to massage away the fat, it is still fat that will be dispersed to other body areas. This is similar to moving your furniture inside your house but it still remains there. So even if endermologie cellulite treatment works, the cellulite fat will still remain within your body. So what is the long term benefit of it?

If you want to banish cellulite from your body and get rid of it for good, then the only effective way is to exercise and eat right. It is simple. When you burn your body fats, you burn cellulite. This cellulite treatment is the most effective in the long term.

It is highly suggested that you try this old fashioned and effective cellulite removal method before trying things like endermologie, or laser therapy etc. Eating a healthy diet an doing regular exercise never hurts.

Try to also add a few cardio sessions per week and do some resistance training. Also do some lunges, squats, deadlifts etc. Train hard till you are sweaty. You will not only look good, but you will also feel a lot better. The body fat percentage will change and it will drop. And cellulite will automatically disappear if you achieve this. You will not need any fancy sounding methods like Endermologie.



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