List of Foods to avoid to lose weight

foods to avoid to lose weight

cegoh / Pixabay

Do you put in tonnes of efforts to lose weight and don?t get the expected results? Do you eat less but still don?t manage to get notable results? This is probably because you don?t know about the food to avoid to lose weight

Any food which is too low in fiber, low in proteins, high in carbohydrates and/or fats content, has a low satiety index but is high in calories, high in sugar or is made of refined ingredients is supposed to be in the list of foods that should be banned for the person who wants to lose weight fast and in a healthy way.

Artificially sweetened drinks
Artificially sweetened drink are the first to mention in the list of ?foods to avoid to lose weight? because this is one of the few main reasons of widespread obesity among youth.
Such drinks are just another blood sugar spike, and falsely claim as to be used when you are trying to lose weight.

A lot researches have claimed that artificially sweetened drinks or anything saying it has zero calories, tends to increase appetite or cravings. Hence, artificial sweeteners actually trick us into a gain in weight instead of a loss. So say goodbye to soda and packet juices!

High-fiber snack bars
It is a common practice to take high-fiber snack bars to aid weight loss. Yes, a high-fiber diet is very good for health as it boosts the immunity and helps in digestion. However, it?s a mistake to think that so much fiber in a single bar can help you lose weight. Fiber intake has to be consistent throughout the day to help the body.

Low-fat foods
There are two clear-cut reasons that low-fat foods make their way to the list of ?foods to avoid to lose weight? Firstly, the researchers have found that people tend to eat 30% more if they know that they are eating a low-fat food. Hence, just the addition of low-fat being added to anything induces you to eat more because you don?t feel guilty anymore.

Secondly, companies go through a series of process to remove the fats from different foods. This completely or partially makes that particular food to be devoid of its natural flavors. The companies, to make their product valuable and yummier add a load of flavors and sugar. This might make it look healthy but it is nowhere near it.

Frozen Meals
Frozen meals should be set off a limit right away if you want to lose weight. To preserve the meals, manufacturers add preservatives to them. The preservatives which enable these foods to last longer in your freezer contain high amount of sodium. Sodium is known to hold back water in our body. This will not only make you feel bloated up but also will not let you look best even if you have lost weight.

Secondly you must have noticed that while processing, the food in frozen meals is made tiny so that it can fit in the box. Raw ingredients or home-made meals are more voluminous. So the concentrated calories packed in smaller size, satisfies your stomach after a lot of food whereas home-made food will make you feel satiated quicker.

Processed baked goods
Foods like cookies and cakes might look delicious to you but they are enormously problematic for your body. Moreover, the powerhouse of sugar is the frosting or creamy covering on many desserts which are there in your mouth for seconds but remain on your body for years. It?s time to hide these baked good made up or refined white carbohydrates.

The foods to avoid to lose weight also include alcohol, bagels, soy sauce, bacon, sugary cereals and stick margarines. The above mentioned are of extreme importance, so please avoid them and lose weight naturally to get to your favorite body size