8 Amazing Foods for Weight Loss

foos-for-weight-lossLosing weight is mostly a slow and tiring process. Those who have previously jumped on any weight loss plan already know that all this not much fun either. We are always looking for additional ways and the best means to give ourselves an extra chance to burn more fat.

What if you get to know that you can also burn fat just by eating. This must be a dream come true because when we think of weight loss, we immediately start to think of either fasting or bland tasteless foods. The only catch is that you need to stop junk food and start eating these foods for weight loss. Additionally you need to be on a calorie deficit diet while you eat these fat burning foods.

Of course, you need not eat all these foods in a single day. You can try one or two of these every day. So here are these foods for weight loss which you should start eating right after finishing reading this article:

1 . Oatmeal – This is an excellent choice because it is what we call a slow release carbohydrate. When you eat oatmeal about 3 hours before your daily workout, it is going to help you burn a lot of fat. These slow release carbohydrates are also in the low glycemic index foods list. These are the foods which do not cause an abrupt spike in your blood insulin level unlike white rice or white bread. This makes these ideal foods for weight loss.

2. Mushrooms – These not only taste delicious but are quite satisfying too. A lot of people on diet switch their meals with Portobello mushrooms because of their yummy taste and also because these have far less calories.

3. Apples – There is a very popular saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Guess what? It also keeps body fat away. Apples are very rich in fiber and you not only prevent weight gain when you eat apples but also apples force body to lose fat.

4. Soup – It is a great idea to start one of your meals with a bowl of fresh vegetable soup. When you drink soup before any meal, you will feel more full without overeating. There are at least 20 percent less calories in soups than in normal meals which makes these excellent foods for weight loss.

5. Hot peppers – When you eat hot pepper around half an hour before a meal, you will eat less because it makes you feel less famished. And this means you will eat less calories at the dinner table.

6. Eggs – These are surely a very important part of your daily diet. These are not only rich in protein but also are very nutritious. Eggs are known to cause fat loss and make you feel less hungry for longer periods of time.

7. Almonds – These are one of the best healthy snacks and also can be counted among the secret foods for weight loss. Chewing a few almonds will heal your hunger pangs. These are nutritious, tasty and also offer many health benefits.

8. Desserts – Yes you definitely need it. However, only low calorie desserts are allowed. It is definitely no fun when you are constantly on a diet because it affects you mentally and emotionally. By eating a low calorie dessert you will feel happier and stay motivated.

Most of the people trying to lose weight make this mistake of denying themselves sweet foods and desserts totally. When you do this for long, your body develops craving for sweet foods. And you will give in to the temptation sooner or later and eat a lot more cake or ice cream than your diet can allow.

You can keep yourself away from this disaster like situation by indulging in a low calorie dessert occasionally.

When you consume these foods for weight loss, you get an extra edge in your fight against fat. Try to make these foods part of your diet whenever you find it possible. You will not only shed some pounds but your will also see generally improved health which is because of the healthy nature of these foods.