Food Lovers Diet: Does it Work?

When people want to lose weight the main problem for them is the fact that they have to restrict their diet. The thought that they have to quit eating what they loved so much, and start eating a lot of healthy food, seems boring to them, and it is what makes them think twice before enrolling in a diet. You could try the food lovers diet.

For all of those who love to eat but would love to be able to lose weight as well, the food lovers diet seems like heaven on Earth.

Food lovers diet – what is it?

The food lovers diet is a diet created by nutritionist Robert Ferguson who founded the company Provida. Mainly, Ferguson says that you can lose weight eating everything you like on every day of the week if you associate smart and control your portions.

Food lovers diet – how to do it?

The food lovers diet says that making the right associations like slow carbohydrate foods and healthy fats, or lean proteins, can make you lose fat. Depending on how much weight you have when you start the program, you can lose up to 3 pound per week following Ferguson’s diet.

The food lovers diet promises to teach you how to control portions and sodium, eating more fibers, eating breakfast, how to keep a log for food, exercise and even water, sleep as much as you should, drink plenty of water, find a weight loss buddy, choose healthy fats, and so on.

Food lovers diet – what can you eat?

As stated above, the food lovers diet teaches you to pair foods by knowing what type they are:? slow carbs (carrots, squash, eggplant, broccoli, peppers, green beans, strawberries, legumes, lemons, artichoke, asparagus, tomatoes, etc) and fast carbs (rolls, potatoes, pasta, blueberries, cherries, dried fruits, grapes, bagels, apples. couscous).

The food lovers diet teaches you to pair those carbs with lean protein (sirloin steak, skinless poultry breast, eggs, pork tenderloin, low-fat dairy, extra lean ground beef, fish), fats (cheese, butter, nuts, bacon, peanut butter, seeds, mayonnaise, sausage) and free carbs (cabbage, celery, spinach, onion, cucumber, mushrooms, radish, sprouts).

Food lovers diet – does it work?

There are some experts that say that the food lovers diet is not a safe good to follow diet because eating all those fat foods and carbs you can’t possibly lose weight.

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