Five More Healthy Eating Habits to Keep Weight in Check

Below are some more ways you can maintain a healthier lifestyle:

1.???? Keep your serving size in Check:

Search for delicious and healthy recipes in cookbooks or on the internet and plan menus for a week in advance. Write down all the ingredients you?ll need for these meals and avoid buying anything other than these ingredients when you go for grocery shopping. You can also take ideas form markets circulars. Buying sale items on a weekly basis may also help you in cutting down costs.

While planning for your meals, try to assign an appropriate serving size to every meal. If you don?t keep your servings in check a snack of cranberries (dried) and almonds can prove to be a high calorie intake even though it is usually a healthy snack. This habit can also keep you away from over eating and make your usual snacks healthy for you.

2.???? Avoid skipping meals:

A healthy breakfast in the morning may cause one?s rest metabolic rate to increase early during the day and keep the body energized. This might help in resisting the urge of consuming calorie rich snacks throughout the rest of the day. Try to take a snack/meal after every two/four hours so that your metabolism remains active. Taking regular meals can also help in stabilizing one? blood sugar and prevent one form overeating or deviating from the planned meals.

3.???? Find Healthy Replacements for the Fats, Calories and Sugars in the Diet:

Many of the foods rich in fats/sugars/calories can be substituted by healthier choices. The replacement of high calorie/far drinks and foods can also aid in rapid weight loss.

4.???? Make Smart Snack Choices:

Replace the usual potato chips or candy bars with foods that are rich in nutrients and contain small quantities of fats and calories. Stay away from processed/packaged food choices and try to take snacks that come in single serving packets. These packets usually contain up to 100-200calories. Some simple and healthy snacks include cherry tomatoes, nuts, baby carrots, rice cakes and fruits (dried/fresh). Take vegetables and they contain very less calories and a high amount of fibers.

They are nutritious and rich in flavor. However, it is not advisable to use far rich dressings and dips with vegetables. You can also eat fruits as they provide you with soluble fibers and release energy gradually so you feel full for a longer time.

Dairy products such as cheddar cheese/yogurt are low in fats and thus can prove to be healthy. They should however be taken in moderate amounts. A healthy snack could be a combination of string cheese and some grape.

Take some peanut butter covered crackers along with the cheese and grapes. You can also take slicing of red pepper dipped in hummus instead of the crackers. Don?t use more than a few tablespoons of hummus.

5.???? Replace the Energy Drinks/ Flavored Coffees/Martinis/Soft drinks with Low Calorie 100% Fruit Juices/Seltzer/Water:

It is easier to reduce the number of calories by making substitutions in your daily foods. An example is the replacing of a tall morning latte with some black coffee. A single morning pack of the latte may have up to 500 calories and since a single pound of the body fat (either gained or lost) is almost equal to 3,500 calories, you?ll get rid of about one pound per week if you replace the latte with black coffee.

Those who eat salads regularly should go for low-fat vinaigrettes instead of ranch/blue cheese. While cooking, try to replace butter with olive oil (a single tablespoon). Also replace whole milk with skimmed milk in your daily routine.