How to choose Fast Healthy Meals at Drive Thru

fast healthy meals

CC BY by ell brown

While no single factor can be the sole cause of weight gain and making dieting a tough thing, drive thru restaurants are surely responsible for making it easier for people to pack on fat layers on their bodies. Well restaurants are not at fault that you have gained weight. It is you who need to break some old habits and start eating fast healthy food.

Why Fast Food Appeals Us?

  • It is loaded with flavors adding ingredients like sugar, salt and fat. And these three things are what we have been tuned to seek emotionally ( initially these did not occur in abundance in nature and our bodies have evolved to get as much of these as possible when we can get these).
  • Life if fast and busy. So fast food is the solution.
  • There are different types of fast foods to appeal all kinds of tastes.
  • Fast food is also quite inexpensive – recall dollar menu anyone?

While we can not say that all foods on the fast food menu are bad, but it is safely said that most of these are. The best?way to stop the drive thru eating habit is to stop being cold turkey. Always have food near you at hand which you can prepare and eat quickly so that you are not tempted to go for unhealthy fast food.

How to Eat Fast Healthy Meals

However, in real life there will be times when you will be forced to stop for something fast food. In such situations, always try to find the best choice on the menu and go for fast healthy food. Try to choose from grilled items, small portions and fresh items. And when you are going for drive thru for fast food, keep the following things in mind:

  • While choosing sandwiches go for grilled ones in place of fried
  • Get a small burger and stay away from getting the double
  • Do not add cheese to the sandwiches
  • Get salads with low fat dressings
  • Either avoid fries or get a small serving
  • Do not be tempted to supersize your food, drinks or fries
  • Replace your soda with a plain water. You can add lemon juice to it to add flavor
  • Or even better: you can get the kids meal which means automatic smaller portions for you
  • If given option, substitute fries with fruit

By following the above tips, you will stay on course to eat fast healthy food.