How to Still Eat Healthier Meals on the Go

vegetable-soupYou might have been trying very hard at watching yoru diet but all this goes to the background when you are insanely hungry because you do not have any healthy food on the go. This is because most of the packaged foods are too salty, loaded with calories and are mostly unhealthy.

So are there any healthy convenience foods out there which you can take as healthier meals on the go?

But first let us know about what we mostly have as options for foods on the go. Most of the convenience foods come in the form of pasta, rice mixes, frozen foods, soups etc which are full of saturated and trans fats, added sugar, chemical additives and preservatives and refined carbs.

Foods rich in these ingredients has been linked with diseases like obesity, heart problems, raised cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Therefore, if you want to eat healthy foods on the go, then it is best to avoid the typical convenience foods.

How to Find Healthier Meals on the Go

You can also find some healthier versions of convenience foods but for that you need to keep your eyes open. As a general principle, try to find those foods which have the least number of food ingredients and must include real foods like meat and vegetables as the main ingredient. Watch out for the added sugar.

Ideally it should be listed as the last ingredient because on food labels, the ingredients are listed in order or proportion.

Also read the food labels and try to find foods which are under about 600 calories, have included fiber, are free from trans fats and ideally do not have added sugar. The sodium quantity should also be negligible, at the maximum 500 miligrams.

Some of the foods you can consider are whole grain cereals, canned or frozen veggies, frozen or canned fish and shrimps. You can quickly prepare these foods within minutes. In fact, you can also get semi cooked foods which will take only a few minutes in the oven to get your healthy meal on the go ready.

Plan Your Own Fast Food

Another way to handle this situation is to prepare food in batches. Cook large meals at a time and then freeze these in small portions. Foods like vegetables and soups with lots of vegetables are ideal for this. Your healthy meals on the go will be ready in minutes after that. All you will need is to take out the portion and heat it in the oven.

Keeping healthy snacks ready with you also helps in beating the food cravings when they hit. Some of the healthier snack options are fresh fruits, whole wheat crackers, salad, chopped vegetables, sugar-free yogurt and hummus etc.


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