Don’t Starve Yourself Skinny – Rev Up Your Metabolism!

slim fit girlIt?s the process that is mainly responsible for your day?s activities or the motor that runs your day?s fuel engine. The quicker it works the more calories go down the drain and you lose a few pounds fast.

Metabolism is inversely proportional to our age. Thus we need little tricks to keep the metabolism rolling to keep in fit shape. Metabolism is affected by external factors that include your lifestyle, eating habits, day to day routines and obviously your age.

Strict dieting and starving will not help you lose weight at all. To keep the metabolism working you need the uptake of food. Depending on the environment, some people need to toughen up their life to reach a slimmer body while others just need a modification in the day to day routines.

Most of us go on a strict diet in hopes of becoming slimmer. These foods have lesser calories, more fiber content and are good to the body. However, if they are the backbone to your food supply, you will gain weight instantly after you end the diet. And we all know no one can go on dieting forever.

The reason lies in your metabolism again. Over your dieting period, it loses the aptitude it has to burn your fat since your calorie intake is minimal. Once the diet ends, the metabolism process becomes indolent.? Some tips are as follows:

* Keep eating in regular intervals. Don?t eat two-three large meals. Instead go for smaller meals from time to time. And never forget the importance of morning breakfast.

* Have regular cardio workouts. These help to make your heart a stronger pump and burns calories quicker. Metabolism also benefits from these sessions and moves faster.

* Water is a necessity. It helps your body in losing all the harmful toxins that will lower your metabolism to its lazy state. Not to mention, it will keep your body hydrated.

* Well, we know carbohydrates have a bad reputation in the world of food. But don?t listen to anyone. Carbohydrates are full of energy sources and will influence your metabolism to the better.

* Exercise will always help. Give your muscles the firmness they deserve. Use weights, stretch bands, and dumbbells. Not only will they get you free of that chubby tummy but will make your muscles more toned.

* Avoid food intake just before you go to sleep. This is because your brain slows down your body when you?re sleeping. This automatically means that your metabolism is slow and the excessive calories may be stored as fat and not burnt.

* Another item to be avoided is alcohol and its likes. It?s like a precursor of slow metabolism. Want to get rid of fat? Get rid of that bottle of alcohol first. Or at least keep it less.

You need to start quickly now. The better your metabolism gets the better your figure becomes. All that fat will be soon gone and you will emerge with a perfectly shaped body.