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It is mostly difficult to get all the essential nutrients in perfect quantities even when make your best effort to eat healthy foods. In such a situation dietary supplements can help fill the gap and provide body with what is lacking in diet.

It is recommended that everyone should try to take a multivitamin daily. These help fill in the gaps that are there in your nutrition. While it is very much possible that you get all the food nutrients but only a few people actually get all the needed types of nutrients in sufficient quantities from the modern diet.

So, apart from vitamins, other dietary supplements can keep you on track. For example:

Recommended Dietary Supplements

  • Chormium picolinate – it is a nutrient which is very useful in keeping check on blood sugar. Since you will not have uneven spikes in your blood sugar levels, therefore, you will also be having less cravings.
  • Fish oil – Research has proved that it is very good for lowering cholesterol and improving mental health. It also help provide omega-3 fatty acids which are required by our bodies.
  • Green Tea – it is known to speed up metabolism and to keep energy throughput of the body at a higher level. Aging process also slows down because of the antioxidants present in green tea.
  • Flaxseed oil – it is similar to fish oil which is a good source of unsaturated fat. The components present in flaxseed oil are quite useful for all cells in the body.
  • Glucosamine Chondroitin – It is a popular dietary supplement for rebuilding cartilage in joints. It is especially useful for those suffering from arthritis and those who are trying to remain active in old age with joints problem.
  • Fiber dietary supplements – These also lower cholesterol and keep you full for a longer period of time.

Above are examples of good supplements. There are also certain supplements which you should stay away from because these can be harmful for your body. You need to avoid:

  • Those weight loss supplements which contain caffeine or ephedra (which is another name for caffeine)
  • All those magic weight loss products which promise insane results

However, before you start taking any dietary supplement, it is highly recommended that you discuss it with your physician. Though most of the supplements are touted as natural, but still some of these have potent effects. There are chances that they may interfere with your other medications or health conditions.

It is vital that you get a go ahead signal from your health service provider before you add any nutritional supplement to your daily diet. And always avoid starting too many supplements at one time. Your daily diet should comprise of food and not all pills.

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