How to Control Overeating Habits Naturally

control-overeatingYou do not have to follow a starvation diet plan to control overeating. There are other natural methods too. In fact, nutrition and fitness experts agree that when you try to lose pounds by starving yourself, you actually gain weight when you again return to normal eating habits.

You might have had the chance to hear about what happened to celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Kirstie Alley when they stopped their diet plans for the “normal food”. They gain many extra pounds because of this yo-yo diet syndrome when they are off diet.

Natural Way to Control Overeating

The best way to stop overeating is the natural way which means developing good eating habits which will not leave you as you leave your diet. Even when you deviate from the good eating habits during a break like holidays, you again can return to eating well and healthy the next day. Given below are the tips to control overeating:

Control Portions

The most natural and the best way to control overeating is portion control. Your eyes should not be in command of your stomach and your mind. Even if your favorite food is on the table, take a small portion first. It might surprise you that how little food you need to satiate your hunger and cravings for your favorite food.

Eating Salads

This sounds boring but what if you know that you will get to eat some exciting food after eating salad as appetizer. A natural way of curbing the overeating habits is to eat a serving of green salad before dinner or lunch. After this the temptation for eating a lot of your entree will be reduced a lot.

Share Food at Restaurants

The portion size at restaurants has increased a lot and the sizes are incredibly large now. When you must eat at restaurant, plan beforehand to share a large portion with a friend or take along a carry-out box. Also check if you could order a half portion because some restaurants allow that. Or you can order a kids menu item for a smaller serving size.

Eat Many Small Meals

The temptation for binge eating at dinner can be avoided if you keep taking several small meals during the day. You can eat healthy snacks and eat fruits and vegetables to keep yourself filled during the day, but with fewer calories.

Treat Yourself

It can be counter productive if you are diet saint all the time. You should cheat on your diet every now and then. Treat yourself to your favorite food items at least once a month. However, when you do so, also keep in mind the tips that have been given above so that you do not end up overeating. And when that happens, shift to to natural eating plan again. This will be satisfying to know that you do not need to suffer to lose weight.

If you attain the “full” feeling in a natural way, it is possible to cut calories without feeling deprived. You will soon discover that you are not as prone to binge eating even when you are alone and when offered foods rich with calories.

And one side advantage of getting control over an overeating problem is the self-esteem and confidence you will get because you will be knowing that “yes, I can do this the natural way”.