Can Bariatric Surgery Ensure Long Term Weight Loss

bariatric surgeryOne of the most popular and effective weight loss surgery options is bariatric surgery. It involves a variety of different surgical procedures which are used to the effect that the calorie absorption by stomach and intestines is reduced. Its other effect is appetite suppression. Bariatric surgery appears to decrease production of appetite inducing hormone called ghrelin.

Bariatric surgery is a relatively new procedure and not many studies have been done to establish the long term effects of this weight loss surgical procedure.

However, a recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine in September, 2017 showed that those who underwent bariatric surgery weighed about 100 pounds less than those who did not undergo this procedure after a period of 12 years.

Another important element studied was the incidence of diabetes since it is one of the most common complications of being overweight. This study showed that after 12 years of bariatric surgery, the incidence of diabetes was 90 percent lower in those who underwent surgery than those who did not get it. In fact, diabetes even went away in about 50 percent of the people who had it and underwent this surgical procedure.

This surgery also had positive effects on hypertension, abnormal cholesterol levels and other lipids in the body in the surgery group.

However, one should carefully examine the pros and cons of bariatric surgery because like all surgical procedures, it has risks too. However, going by this new study, the benefits are quite stable and tempting even after a decade.