30 Best Fat Burners for Women – All Natural Without Supplements

best-fat-burners-for-womenBurning fat and losing weight is one of the most difficult endeavors you will ever undertake. And almost all of the fat loss programs will stress that quick weight loss is almost 80 percent related to your daily diet. So it is all natural that you focus on fueling your body with the best fat burners to reach your goals. And one of the best ways to achieve that is by relying on fat burning superfoods that will kickstart your metabolism and burn even the most stubborn of fat.

When we talk of best fat burners for women, we are essentially also talking about superfoods. So what is a superfood??Scientific literature does not have an exact definition for a superfood but mostly these are the foods which have the optimum quantity of essential nutrients and minerals that are needed by the body to the function at optimum levels. These superfoods are also great sources of antioxidants which are known agents for protecting the body against cell damage and other diseases.

Different fat burners work in different ways. Some of these best fat burners for women work by keeping the stomach filled with nutrient dense calories and fiber. There are also the other type which give a powerful boost to your metabolism by helping you build lean muscle mass.

Another benefit of superfoods for weight loss is that they empower the body with extra energy to perform daily functions. You will feel yourself energized and motivated to go for exercise to get your super fitness goals.

Best Fat Burners for Women – And Men

So,?without wasting any more time, here is the list of top 30 fat burners for women. And in fact this superfoods list also work for men

  • Avocados

Avocados are rich in fats but all this is good fat of the mon-saturated type which make you feel satiated and keep your hunger levels low. Avocados are also full of L-carnitine which is known for metabolizing fat cells in the body. There is also enough supply of soluble and insoluble fiber which again keep you feel fuller for longer. A study published in the respected Journal of Nutrition has established that eating half of an avocado can keep you feel satiated by as much as 26 percent

  • Blueberries

blueberriesThe second in the list of top fat burners for women are blueberries which are rich in soluble fiber that is known to keep you feel full for longer periods of time. This is an excellent superfood for those who are trying to lose weight. The high percentage of manganese also keeps the metabolism of fats, carbs and proteins at supercharged levels. A study conducted at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center showed that the polyphenols present in blueberries are very useful in reducing belly fat. These were also found be useful in for other metabolism diseases like diabetes. Start having a breakfast powered by blueberry superfood and see the results in a few weeks yourself.

  • Green Tea

green-teaOne study published in the Journal of Obesity established that green tea has a chemical called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which revs up metabolism. A recent study conducted at the Pennsylvania State University established that EGCG found in the green tea also helps in reducing fat absorption by body cells. This, in simple words, means that body starts to use fat for its working rather than storing it in the form of fat cells. Start having two cups of green tea a day for guaranteed quick weight loss benefits.

  • Grapefruit

grape-fruitGrapefruit is well known as one of the best fat burners for women because of its metabolism rate increase powers. Research at University of California Berkeley shows that if you drink grapefruit, it can suppress weight gain even when the person is on high fat diet. The best weight loss results can be seen if you eat half of the grapefruit before breakfast and the other half before lunch

  • Almondsalmonds

Almonds are always found in almost all superfoods lists because these are not only rich in protein and fiber but they also are rich in mono-saturated fats which are very useful for weight loss. And the best thing about almonds is that they are rich in Vitamin B and zinc which suppress body cravings for sugar. And the best news is that some of the recent studies have shown that almonds can help you to burn belly fat.

  • Oatmealoatmeal

One of the best ways to shed weight is having an oatmeal powered breakfast. It is rich in beat glucan which is a type of soluble fiber and very effective in lowering triglycerides in blood. And you feel fuller for longer, courtesy the soluble fiber found in oatmeal. And a regular intake of oatmeal can ensure a better hip to waist ratio. Select steel cut or rolled oats for preparing oatmeal breakfast in skimmed milk. You are free to add healthy toppings that you like

  • Salmonsalmon-fish

Salmon is a healthy cold-water fish which is known for its effect on boosting metabolism. And it is also rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids which are known for their healthy effects against cardiovascular diseases. And it is also full of protein which help you build lean muscles which again help in fat burning. It is recommended by experts that you eat at least three servings of salmon per week.

  • Flaxseedsflaxseeds

Flaxseeds are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which are included in the list of good fats. And for quick weight loss, these are also full of dietary fiber. A study published in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that Omega-3 helps body fight against obesity. You can also suppress appetite if you eat 2.5 grams of flaxseed. You may either sprinkle these on food or drinks or you may eat these straight from the container.

  • Orangesorange

Next in the list of best fat burners for women are oranges which are good source of Vitamin C and fiber. A research study that was published in the American College of Nutrition showed that Vitamin C improves the production of L-carnitine which is known for reducing fat. The high fiber percentage of oranges also help you feel fuller for longer. So switch to eating oranges in place of orange juice in breakfast because of their high fiber content which is lost in juice. And more importantly stay away from packaged orange juice because it has added sweeteners and preservatives which our bodies do not need if you are looking for how to lose weight fast.

  • Tomatoestomatoes

Tomatoes have a fat-burning compound named 9-oxo-ODA (octadecadienoic) which is commonly found in many red fruits. Tomatoes also have beta-carotene and lycopene that are known for helping to reduce stubborn belly fat. Tomatoes have low calorie content and because of their rich fiber content, these are very filling fat burning superfood.

  • Hot Peppershot-peppers

Hot peppers like red chillies, habaneros and jalapenos not only make your food spicy but these also help you lose weight. They have a compound called capsaicin which revs up metabolism and an increased metabolism means increased conversion of belly fat to energy. Apart from weight loss benefits, hot peppers are also known to reduce stomach problems like ulcers and these are also useful because of their antibacterial properties.

  • Applesapple

Next in the superfoods list are apples which are full of pectin, a compound that makes your stomach full because of its binding properties with water. It also limits fat absorption by body. Apples are also rich in fiber which naturally makes you feel fuller for longer duration of time. Try to eat apple with peel because it is full of healthy nutrients

  • Raw Apple Cider Vinegarapple-cider-vinegar

Recently you must have heard the buzz about apple cider vinegar and weight loss. ACV has enzymes which aid in digestion and also help keep the blood glucose level at optimum levels. The best benefits can be achieved if you eat raw ACV that has a floating debris named “mother” because it contains live probiotics. Best way to have apple cider vinegar is to add a spoonful of it to your salad or drink it about half an hour before your meals.

  • Cinnamoncinnamon

Cinnamon has other benefits too aside from baking. Research studies have suggested that one tablespoon of cinnamon helps regular blood sugar level. And we know that in order to ensure weight loss, it is important that blood sugar level remains within limits because it can make you feel hungry, and your body may crave for sugar if it is out of limits

  • Quinoaquinoa

Another popular superfood is quinoa which is full of healthy amino acids. It is also perfect for muscle building. And because of its high fiber content, you feel fuller for longer. This is a low glycemic index food, which you can use in salads and also in side dishes. Or even try a low-calorie dessert with quinoa

  • Pine nutspine-nuts

Pine nuts have healthy compounds which suppress the production of hunger producing hormone called ghrelin. It is also rich in healthy fatty acids which help reduce stubborn belly fat. Since pine nuts are high in calories, therefore, you may want to limit yourself to eating about an ounce a day to ensure that you do not sabotage your dieting.

  • Bananasbanana

And we all know bananas which are next?best fat burners for women and of course men. They have high soluble fiber which makes you feel fuller for longer duration because soluble fiber slows down digestion. And it is an excellent fruit choice for those who want to lose weight. It can be used as topping for your smoothies, oatmeal and desserts.

  • Mushroomsmushrooms

Whether you like portabella, crimini or shiitake, mushrooms are essentially low calorie food and these are also definitely low fat foods. Because of the potassium found in mushrooms, these improve blood sugar and blood pressure. And potassium also improves muscle function. And because of their rich protein content, these are ideal replacement for meat.

  • Coconut Oilcoconut-oil

One tablespoon of coconut oil has 14 grams of saturated fat. Research studies have found that coconut oil has medium chain fatty acid (MCFA), that is easily digest by human body and easily converted to energy. A University of Geneva study has shown that those who consumed two tablespoons of coconut oil lost 120 calories a day.

  • Sweet Potatoessweet-potatoes

Sweet potatoes, because of their low calorie content and high fiber content, are ideal for dieting and weight loss. And stomach can easily digest these. There are nutrients in sweet potatoes which lower body insulin levels and help stabilize blood sugar levels.

  • Lentilslentils

These are fiber rich and therefore make you feel full for long time. And it also lowers blood sugar spikes by slowing down absorption of sugar. And fiber also binds fats which ensures that fats are not stored by body. And because of the protein found in lentils, these are good for building muscles.

  • Eggseggs

Until recently eggs were considered bad because these were considered as high cholesterol food. However, many recent studies have concluded that fats found in eggs are healthy type and they also have goo cholesterol. And these are rich in lean protein, therefore, they help the body burn fat throughout the day. Eggs are surely a high nutritional source to be included in fat burning meal plan.

  • Olive Oilolive-oil

And olive ail makes to the list of all healthy foods and naturally is included in the best fat burners for women list. Though Olive oil does not have MCFA for it is known to have high density lipoproteins (HDL) which are also known as good cholesterol. And because of its strong anti-inflammatory benefits, it is very useful for those who are struggling with diseases like skin problems, obesity, fibromyalgia and diabetes. Olive oil can be used in preparing salad dressings or as cooking oil.

  • Chicken Breastchicken-breast

Lean chicken breasts are full of high quality protein and ideal for building lean muscle. This superfood is a must have for athletes doing resistance training. And ensure that you eat skinless chicken so that you stay away from consuming fat.

  • Greek Yogurt


    CC BY-NC by nsdis

Greek yogurt has higher percentage of protein and less sugar, unlike regular yogurt. And this provides your body with essential amino acids for building muscles. This is an ideal alternative topping to unhealthy ones like whipped cream. It can also be used to make many healthy desserts too.

  • Broccolibroccoli

Broccoli is everyone’s favorite when it comes to fitness food. This superfood is rich in fiber and nutrients and can help with your quick weight loss efforts. Your body’s immune system also gets a boost from the super nutrients found in this vegetable. You can eat in any way, be it steamed, boiled, roasted or even broiled as long as you do not add cheese topping.

  • Asparagusasparagus

This is nature’s diuretic, therefore, it naturally rids body of excess water. And it is especially effective in reducing belly bloat. It also is quite effective in eliminating toxins from the body. And it is also a very good probiotic. And many studies have shown that a healthy population of gut bacteria can keep you away from gaining weight.

  • Kidney Beanskidney-beans

Kidney beans are next when we talk about best fat burners for women. These are rich in potassium, iron and magnesium, all of which helps prevent accumulation of bad cholesterol and fats in the body. The protein found in kidney beans helps in building muscles. Since these have high fiber content, therefore, these are effective in regulating blood sugar levels. This weight loss superfood can be used in many weight loss recipes.

  • Goji Berriesgoji-berries

These are bright but tiny asian berries which are very popular superfoods because of their effectiveness in regulating blood sugar levels. They are also full of fiber which makes you feel full for longer hours. They also have a trace element known as chromium which is knowing for preserving lean muscle mass. Either use it as part of salad or sprinkle these on oatmeal for better flavor.

  • Kalekale

How does kale qualify among the best fat burners for women? Well, it because of its high oxygen radical absorbance capacity, which makes the food eliminate free radicals. Since kale has high antioxidants levels, therefore, it can fight off many inflammatory diseases, including obesity. One cup full of kale has only 33 calories and is rich in minerals and vitamins. Either mix it up with your smoothies or use it as part of your salad.

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