Belly Fat Makes Women More Prone to Heart Attack Than Men

woman-with-belly-fatA lot of medical research has proved that belly fat is the worse kind of fat to have. But a new research published in the Journal of American Heart Association has concluded that the belly fat, also known as central adiposity is even worse in case of women. [1]

The study published in June 2018 tracked 500,000 (50% of these being women between ages 40 to 69). The researchers took different measurements of the bodies of the subjects and tracked how many of them had heart attack in the next seven years period. The study found that women with more belly fat (measured by different ratios like waist-to-hip ration, waist-to-height ratio and waist-to-hip ratio) had up-to 20 percent more chance of having a heart attack than those women who were fat overall.

However, the more important message coming out of this research study is that central adiposity presents a higher risk for heart disease. It is now established as a fact that belly fat causes increase in the visceral fat, which is the fat that surrounds the internal organs of the body. This is a bad kind of fat.

Many other studies have also shown that a higher waist-to-hip ratio is a strong indicator of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. According to World Health Organization, a waist to hips ration of more than 0.9 in men and 0.85 in women is an indication of abdominal obesity. [2]

Women are more prone to belly fat because of age and hormonal issues. According to a study published in the Obesity journal in 2015, women add up about 4 percent of belly fat each year during their midlife.

So if you feel that your waistline has been expanding recently, it might be worthwhile to start keeping track of it because of the health risks associated with it. Women keep adding pounds after menopause because of different hormonal changes, and also because of sleep issues and decrease in muscle mass.

Your target should be to decrease your overall weight and the best strategy is to keep it check and if you are already overweight, try to lose weight slowly because it will be lot easier to lose weight and keep it off if you lose it gradually. This is possible by two simple techniques. Start eating healthy and get moving.

The exercise does not have to be essentially at gym and doing vigorous physical exertion. Even regular brisk walk also carries health benefits by improving your body’s metabolic health. And add to this routine twice a week strength training which will increase muscle mass and help you maintain the lost weight.