How to Avoid Becoming a Stuffed Turkey During Holidays

Holidays are the best time for family get-togethers and other celebrations of different occasions. Almost all this occasions are ideal for flowing conversations and the tables are covered with diverse foods to suit everybody’s needs.

When the food is good and smells good too, it is natural that you want to taste all the foods on the table. Most of the people are witness to the unfortunate fact that they just can not resist eating at these celebrations and go there knowing well in their heart that they will overeat. There are few reasons why we have a tendency of overeating at holiday dinners.

Stress – At some of the family functions, the general ambiance is not very positive. You might be stressed about how people will react to your latest efforts in life and other things that are part of the past already can directly affect and you may not be able to stick to your diet. In such situations we feel that eating is the only recipe to manage such situations.

In order to manage this better, try to think over such feelings before going to these visits. Holiday dinners are not the ideal occasions to make announcements of your new endeavors, especially if you are not sure of how these will be received by those at the holiday dinners.

It is more appropriate that you pass on such information to your friends and family before such occasions and let them think over this. If you have a sore heart about a past situation with someone, try to talk this out with that person before time. It is always best to let the bygones be bygones and focus your thoughts and energies on the present and future.

Too Much Diet – Many people have a habit of starving themselves before going to a holiday dinner to enjoy all the food there thinking that things get evened out by doing this. But then they eat a super-sized meal there instead of a normal meal and then have to go through the misery after the dinner is over.

To start with it is always not appropriate to starve yourself. If you plan on eating more of a holiday meal, just adjust your calorie intake for the day. Think of the dishes that will be there on the table and calculate the consumption of calories. Also keep eating low calorie meals and snacks after the meal and before the meal so that your stomach is full and you can stay on your diet.

Eating Everything Available – Temptation is very strong to eat everything that is presented on the table for you. It is not wrong to eat everything that is served but the best thing is to take small bites. At times, you might feel full by taste-testing all the foods. By doing this, you keep calorie count low and at the same time you also make your hosts happy because you have eaten almost everything on table.

Holidays are great time for spending with your friends and family, but this can also mean disaster for your diet plan. If you are really serious that you should enjoy your holiday meal, but not go off tangent from your diet, use a few of these tips whenever you receive your next invitation for a holiday celebration.